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    Results are Posted on AZGF

    Late season rifle bull in 4A for me and my 20 year old son. His third elk hunt, our first together.
  2. Major sports leagues are becoming more active in politics. The latest is the NBA is participating and promoting a series of anti-gun ads on Christmas Day. The NBA and Everytown USA are running at least 4 anti-gun ads in the middle of the Christmas Day NBA games. I've already sent a message to the NBA and the Phoenix Suns I will no longer support either the Suns or the NBA. Here are the links to contact the NBA and the Phoenix Suns. Let them know you will no longer support them as they want to remove our Second Amendment rights: http://contact.nba.com/contact-nba http://www.nba.com/suns/contact/contact_us.html We've seen recent protest movements of a hundred bring down a university president, imagine what can we achieve if we unite and protest the NBA's jump into politics by supporting the anti-gun agenda.
  3. jmwarren65

    January Archery Tips????

    I did some archery hunting 30 years ago and am getting back in to it this January with an OTC deer tag. I have the area located. It is in the junipers on the far north side of the Mogollon rim. Visibility is severely limited. I know where they water. Do I hunt the water hole in January or should I go looking for them? My plan is to be out there 5 to 7 days and I will be setting up a trail cam or two prior to the hunt. After reading through many of the mule deer posts on the forum, I've decided I will get Jim Heffelfinger's book Deer of the Southwest. Looks like it is a good source of info. And I will be contacting the wildlife manager for that unit. Are there any other resources I can look into for more info? Any recommendations from personal experience?
  4. jmwarren65

    Any credit card hits?

    Javelina tags for me, my son and my dad. No turkey tags. May consider any left over gobbler tags.
  5. jmwarren65

    Opening Day Muzzleloader Buck

    Brian, I never got within a 1/2 mile of this buck. He was always on the wrong side of the fence and up across the valley. I sat up on a vantage point along the fence line and watched him through my scope for hours at a time. I vividly remember the heart symbol formed by the outward lean of his horns and the inward curvature at the top. A true thing of beauty! Mike
  6. jmwarren65

    19a Archery Buck

    Nice goat. Congrats!
  7. jmwarren65

    Opening Day Muzzleloader Buck

    Congrats Brian. Gotta love the AZ for goats. Even a unit like this has a few hidden bruisers. I saw this buck two years ago, but he never hopped the fence to public property during my hunt, He will make a nice addition to your wall mounts. Great job on your hunt. Mike
  8. jmwarren65

    Snow Update for 4A Rim Road

    Anyone been up on the rim road in 4A since the snow? Is it open or closed? Contacting Forest Service later, but eyes on the ground are much better at providing details than a government beaucrat in an office. Leaving tomorrow. 'bout dang time!
  9. jmwarren65

    Snow Update for 4A Rim Road

    I am on my way now. My dad left earlier. He called while still on paved portion of rim road. He said the road was clear and didntdidn't expect any issues on the dirt portion, except some mud. He never called back so he did not have to turn around. Good news to begin the hunt.
  10. jmwarren65

    Snow Update for 4A Rim Road

    Thanks guys. I can deal with mud, but not a road closed due to snow. Appreciate the info. Mike
  11. jmwarren65

    My son Elijah's 1st elk

    JD, Ignore the PM I just sent you. I see Elijah was successful...congrats!! He must have been thrilled. Glad to have helped, even if indirectly. Mike
  12. jmwarren65

    Wyoming 2013

    Put in for Wyoming antelope with my son. Did not get drawn. I am interested to see how this year's WY hunts go. I will apply for WY next year as my son will be a senior in high school and the last chance to take him out of state until he completes college.
  13. jmwarren65

    My first 6x6

    Congrats! Your pack must have felt as light as a feather on the way out.
  14. jmwarren65

    What do you consider a big bull

    Great topic! Last year, my 16 year old son shot is first bull (second elk...cow elk on junior hunt when he was 10). 60 minutes til dark on the last day of the hunt and the bull only had 1 antler. It had 6 tines on it and he had not hesitation in shooting. To him, it was the bull of a lifetime. No idea what a 1-antlered bull would score. On my hunt later in the year, I missed a nice 6x6. I have no idea what he would have scored, but he was symmetrical and looked nice from the front. I then passed on two spikes that were within 200 yards, broadside, and moving very slow. Before the hunt I had decided I would not shoot at anything less than a 6x6 even if it meant going home with my tag in my pocket. Score is not relevant to me so I am not hunting solely for points, but no ragtops either. I enjoy the meat and the mount on the wall. One day I will have a decent bull on my wall.
  15. I've wondered about the Sossaman and Warner location. Never been there myself during season. Agree. Fewer birds this year, still got my limit. My son got 8. Going back out tomorrow morning.
  16. Hi Mike, Glad I checked this thread today. I am interested in the second week...if still available. I will call you on Monday as I am starting my fantasy football draft in a few minutes and tonight is dedicated to football, football, and more football. My college roommate and friend is a graduate of Phoenix Christian. In fact, after college he was assistant AD for a couple of years til he took a similar job in Indiana. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. Mike
  17. jmwarren65

    4A archery bull

    The pics are getting me motivated. Hopefully, I will add a pic of my bull after the late hunt. Almost made the drive north to put up trail cameras yesterday. Going next weekend instead. While I have never take anything bigger than a spike from this unit (15 years ago), my dad took a nice 6x6 in 2007. Over the years I have seen decent bulls in the unit. Took a shot at a 6x6 last year...but missed. This year is REDEMPTION!
  18. jmwarren65

    tagged out

    congrats! in 20 or 30 years, your kids will look back at those pics as a fun time. i say that cause that's how i feel about the pics of me and my sisters with our dad's kills. that is me on the bear in my profile pic. i have one of my 3 year old sister holding up a lions tale as if to play with it. great pics that get better over time.
  19. jmwarren65

    Where are all the turkey's at?

    I hunted Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday. I saw one hen, zero jakes, and zero toms. I heard zero gobbles. The location where I saw the hen also had a lot of fresh sign..tracks and poop...but the toms were quiet. To me, the second hunt is too late in the season. I think toms gobbling the first week of May is an exception to the norm. Two weeks earlier, my son and I got into a flock with at least 3 toms. We spent 20+ minutes calling the birds and them responding. I think I made a bad call cause ultimately they shut up and disappeared. But we only hunted Sunday morning. I hunted the same location this weekend and nothing.
  20. jmwarren65

    Any turkey success on 2nd hunt???

    I was in 4A Friday through Sunday. Not one gobble. Only saw 1 hen. Lots of hunters and lots of elk. No turkeys tho.
  21. jmwarren65

    Open Weekend Luck

    great hunt!
  22. jmwarren65

    My 2013 Az Turkey Hunt

    Patience and scouting pay off. Congrats on your tom!
  23. jmwarren65

    My Dad Got An Elk Tag

    My dad was very excited when I told him I had a 4A late season rifle tag. He had been out of town for a while so I was looking forward to talking to him today. He surprised me when he said that he got an elk tag too. He applied for hunt 3117 archery bull tag in unit 1, 2b, and 2c. Problem is that he entered hunt number 3112 december muzzleloader anterless elk in 3b. He entered the wrong number on the hunt app. He then mentioned that he wasn't going to do that hunt because of the holiday season. I reminded him that he could transfer the tag to his grandson. If he isn't going to use it, don't let it go to waste. Now I need to learn about unit 3B. Time to call game and fish and any advice or tips on 3B is greatly appreciated.
  24. jmwarren65

    Any other juniors have success?

    Hunted Saturday night and Sunday morning. Did get fill the tag, but we had fun with 3 toms for 40 minutes Sunday morning. Ultimately, they became aware of us and shut up. Never saw them.
  25. jmwarren65

    turkeys not fired up???

    Took my son up to 4A for the youth hunt this weekend. Due to school and work schedule, we could not go up until Saturday afternoon. One afternoon and one morning was all the time we would get to chase turkeys; To make it even more challenging, I haven't hunted turkeys in 4A since 1983. I hoped we would get lucky, but was prepared to see nothing and hear nothing. Saturday afternoon we came across a hen who led us to the general roost area. My son and I walked the entire area and noticed lots of tracks...old and new. We got a couple of gobbles just before sunset, but not enough to know exactly where they roosted. We returned to the same spot this morning (Sunday). We got there a little later than I had planned. It was already legal shooting light. Within 5 minutes of leaving the truck, we had toms gobbling. We moved in their direction and them picked a spot behind a fallen tree to set up our camo netting. We spent the next 30 minutes talking back and forth with the toms. There were at least 3 toms and they were very receptive to my calls. They pretty much stayed put, then moved to our left. Then they moved in close...within 75 yards but we couldn't see them. Then they went silent. I think they heard or saw us somehow. We tried to move in front of them and set up our decoys. They answered a couple of times but had no intentions on coming our way. We moved one more time. We sat down and waited. After 20 minutes had passed, a lone gobble came out of the blue. He answered twice but then shut up. As we drove out, we came across another hen feeding on the new grass. My son was thrilled with the gobbling. He had a blast. But I can't tell if the toms are done with the rut or just beginning.