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  1. bchoitz

    DEC Rifle Hunt Roll Call

    Headed south to the Patagonia area starting the 21st, then back again after Christmas. Bringing rain gear...
  2. bchoitz

    Coues and Effect

    Don't apologize for the "long" story! IT was one of the best I've read this year, Some of the best pictures I've seen to go along with it. Not a bad deer either :-) Congrats on a very successful hunt!
  3. bchoitz

    My 3rd Dec. buck

    That's a nice one! Congrats on a well planned hunt.
  4. bchoitz

    my dads dec buck

    Nice buck and nice muddy truck! Congrats to dad!
  5. bchoitz

    December Tag Filled

    Nice Buck! I'm hoping I can fare as well as you guys. Bret
  6. Last tag was 2008 for this hunt. I suppose that means 6 this time. I also had one in 2005, and one in 2001 or 2002, I don't recall for sure.
  7. Good luck on your hunt. I have this hunt in 35B and it's killing me sitting here when I wnat to be out there. Headed down for the week after Christmas, but sure wish I could get a day or two before that! Take your time and pick a good one, you have a lot of time. Bret
  8. bchoitz

    Last Day Bruiser Update

    Beautiful Trophy and a great story to go with it. Congrats on sticking with the plan and getting your deer!
  9. bchoitz

    awesome hunt in wilderness

    Beautiful pictures! You and your camera can come on my hunt anytime! Congrats on the very nice deer.
  10. bchoitz

    Little Sisters Buck

    Nice buck and nice shooting. Good job!
  11. bchoitz

    Day after thanksgiving buck

    Nice write-up and a very nice buck! Best of luck to your brother.
  12. bchoitz

    The gift buck

    Good job, congratulations! I tend to hide on the lee side of a hill and glass when it gets windy. Your method seems more productive though.
  13. bchoitz

    35(b) Coues hunt. Lion tag.

    My favorite unit! Good luck on the hunt. I haven't seen any lions, but I've seen plenty of sign. Since you already bought the tag I'll skip the +3 or +4 Bret
  14. bchoitz

    Tanner first coues deer

    Way to go Tanner! Nice deer, congratulations!
  15. bchoitz

    1st coues!

    Congrats on your buck! Way to go! Sounds like a fun hunt. Bret