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    English Pointers

    I have a male Kiba white and lemon in color 3 years old and a female Jamie white and liver 4 years old, that I need to rehome. Both are house trained, kennel trained and spayed/neutered. I have had them for the last 3 years and they have been a joy to have around due to uncertain circumstances I can no longer keep them. Jamie has been trained for bird hunting but unfortuntely she was left out in the desert for seven days in Cordes Junction, when found she was scared and very timid. I had rescued her not long after she was found and it had took alot of patience and time to get her back to a normal status. I have only tried once since I had her to take her out but she wanted nothing to do with it. She is a great house dog a good protector, she loves to talk and loves affection. She has allergies and on a daily basis she take benadryl morning and night and takes with no problem, she also recieves a allergy shot about quarterly through the year. Her and Kiba are very lose they have had 11 pups total, she had 2 liters. Kiba is a great dog with the correct training he would be a great hunter. He needs lots of physical and mental exercise to keep him busy, if not he acts out and gets bored and digs, bad habit. But he is a great listener and knows commands such as sit, lay down, kennel, etc. Jamie not so much. He loves affection as well. They spend most of the day outside but are definetly in at night. The two of them are very close and I would like to keep them together. They dont do well alone. I also have two others that I am keeping at the time so they are used to the company of other dogs. Not so well with cats though. If interested or if there are any questions please dont hesitate to ask. Thanks, Jacque