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  1. Zim

    Unit 1 Elk Packer

    Anybody know of someone with horses for elk services in unit 1? My last two day resort is to hunt a dependable water source in the Mount Baldy Wilderness, but I'd need help with that as it's 3 miles in. Mild terrain open pastures/old forest service road. I got a card from an AJ's Big Game Retrieval but he won't quote me a price. What up with that? Route is on a known distance paved road, then 2.6 miles in. Not rocket science. Just want a price in advance. Thanks.
  2. Confirmed I drew NR Kaibab archery 2nd year in a row. Very excited had a fun hunt last year. Learned a lot! This will make a great combo with my unit 1 archery elk hunt which opens the day after the Kaibab deer hunt ends. Hoping for some good summer monsoon rains this year for sure. Likely spending the whole month of September in AZ.
  3. Zim

    Deer Results Posted

    Not sure if it's for everyone, but my deer result has posted this morning in my portal site. Kaibab archery. So you might want to check your portal. I can finally place a map order for all my hunts.
  4. Zim

    Card Hits

    Just added a Kaibab deer archery tag to my Unit 1 elk. Pretty good haul for a NR. But I already had a full plate this year. Only had my 2 permanent NR points.
  5. Zim

    Hunting with your other half

    I just got married last year and negotiated a totally different arrangement. She is Chinese and actually still lives there until she retires in December. There really is no hunting in China. They have no concept of it. But my wife accepted my hobby. She wanted to retain her condo there and live there 3 months/year. So I asked how Sept/Oct/Nov works for her and she loved those months as the climate is best there then. So I'll have a 3 month hunting hall pass every year. I prefer this as Im pretty serious about my hunting time, and I have 336 total points in many states so I never know when I'll draw what. I would not want to wait 24 years for a tag then be influenced by my wife in some way during the hunt. During that three month period, when I don't have a tag I will go to China to visit there. I enjoy it there very much. She does not want to big game hunt with me, but will try turkey when she arrives. In Sichuan they don't have chickens at grocery stores. You buy live ones at the street market, and keep them tied up on your patio until you are ready to cook. So this is why she is curious and wants to go with me. She wants to cook the turkey fresh immediately, no freezing. That is what she is familiar with. We have been together for four years and are both VERY happy. Certainly unconventional but works for us!
  6. Zim

    Results are Posted on AZGF

    Unit 1 early archery for us. Last time we drew was 2002. My body is not what it was back then. But this was by far the most mild terrain I've ever elk hunted. Should be just the ticket, but I'll still bring a climbing tree stand to maybe sit a few water holes we found back then.
  7. Zim

    DIY Kaibab Archery advice

    I likely drew this tag as well. Broke a three year tag drought for me. So glad to have something to look forward to this fall. My wife may accompany me for some ground blind hunts over water.
  8. Zim

    Card hit!

    Last ditch application effort hit paydirt with likely a Kaibab archery tag. Needed it bad. Ended a three year tag drought. I read results will post Wednesday. Jeez that would leave only 30 days advance notice to archery opener.
  9. This is the first thing I thought of when I read this proposal. I have no problem with a tag surrender policy, as long as it is available to everyone, and any surrendered tags went to the next guy in line ONLY. Allowing someone to turn it over to a so called "nonprofit" org, while retaining their points, is outrageous, and should be TOTALLY out of the question. All points should be lost. Anything less would be a way for corruption to work it's way in. Such a policy would grossly cheapen everyone else's points, and cheat those next in line.
  10. Zim

    Bell-Less Moose

    Check this out. NH still issues the old school metal check station tags. I saved mine. It's stamped 2012 NH Moose #073. I thought this was really cool. Anybody know of any other states that still issue these?
  11. Zim

    Bell-Less Moose

    Finally picked up my 2012 DIY New Hampshire moose from the taxidermist. He kind of looks funny with virtually no bell, but that's the way he was. I was told some bulls break them off in winter due to snow/ice? Looking forward to my first return hunting trip to AZ since 2002. Just booked flight into Vegas for my Kaibab deer hunt.
  12. Zim

    Unit 12AW

    I am a nonresident who drew a deer tag for 12AW late this year. I noticed deer tag holders have the option of buying a bison tag in the unit for reductions. I know bison numbers are low there, but just want to poke around and get confirmation if it's worth looking into further. Thanks.
  13. Zim


    Will be returning to hunt Arizona for the first time in 10 years. My buddy and I just got our CC's hit for 12AW late deer tags. Now just waiting on my hit for sheep.
  14. Zim

    best Sea food

    I live in the Chicago suburbs and our Papadeaux's is my favorite seafood place here too!
  15. Zim

    Unit 12 Late Deer Options

    Thanks I thought about that the last few years. If I lived nearby and could put in some serious scouting, I would go that route. If I had the money to hire an outfitter I would also consider that. However, I do not. The archery success rate is not very high there. Also I prefer to hunt with my buddy who did not want to do the archery hunt. So we opted to apply for the 12AW late hunt. Should draw.