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  1. cuttem

    Tick Tock (sanity version)

    Here's a video of my bull from 2018. Pretty wild because he dropped in his tracks. It was like I hit him in the spine but it went right through the front shoulder and into the lungs. Must have broken his neck somehow. Just a little 5x5 but awesome experience. IMG_3364.MOV
  2. cuttem

    Tick Tock (sanity version)

    I love that the draw process has become more streamlined (until this year) because it gives you a lot more time to prepare for the hunt, but I kind of miss the good ole days when you would have to call in to get the results. Sometimes it would take an entire day of busy signals before you got through. I think it was way more devastating to hear the robot voice say that you were "not drawn".
  3. cuttem

    Meat processing in Phoenix

    First of all, I used Carl's Custom Meats in Camp Verde for my elk and they did an awesome job. They did my last elk too and I have been very happy with them. I am asking about processors in Phoenix because I want to get some more sausage and "Slim Jim" sticks done and I don't want to drive all the way back up Camp Verde. I have a ton of hamburger and want to take in 30 lbs or so to turn into sausage and sticks. Thanks in advance.
  4. cuttem

    Results up!

    That's what I got! Pretty excited that it's a week later. Only 25 tags in that muzzle loader hunt so hopefully they don't stir them up too bad.
  5. cuttem

    Day One Results

    I just used my Capital 1 card for a purchase. I didnt get an alert but it didnt get declined I had mine set up to alert me and didn't get an alert but hoping maybe there's still a chance their system just didn't send it out because the issues it's having. Do you get alerts for all charges and still didn't get one? Yes I get alerts for all charges and I still havent received one for the 2 purchases I have made today. Finally able to get into my account and the charge is there. That was stressful.
  6. cuttem

    Day One Results

    I just used my Capital 1 card for a purchase. I didnt get an alert but it didnt get declined Thanks. That makes me feel a little better. Of all the days for some BS like that to happen. I need to go back to writing a dang check every year so I don't have to stress about crap like this.
  7. cuttem

    Day One Results

    I saw an alert on my phone from Capital One this morning when I woke up. It showed a $785 hit from AZGFD, which is for an in state and out of state tag, but I couldn't login to my account because apparently Capital One's system is down. Can't even make purchases. I'm so scared that this is going to somehow screw me over!!!!! Someone please tell me something that makes me feel better.
  8. cuttem


    My outfitter I hired specifically asked me to not shoot montecs.... he's seen allot of elk shot, so I listened to him. Why did your outfitter tell you not to use Montecs?
  9. cuttem


    I have no problems with the Montecs but I have just heard a lot of talk about Rage and have seen the wounds they create. I think I am going to stick with the Montecs because I know they will get the job done and they fly almost identical to my field tips.
  10. cuttem


    Thanks for the feedback, guys. It sounds like a lot of you are against the mechanicals for elk. I did a lot of research on Rage and the one thing that keeps coming up, at least when it comes to elk, is the penetration issue. If I were hunting whitetails I would have no concerns with the Rage but I am a not sold on it when it comes to elk. I think my decision may boil down to the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it". I know a lot of guys that shoot G5 Montecs for elk and have never had a problem, plus I already know that they shoot great with my bow setup.
  11. cuttem


    I wanted to take a poll on what broadheads you guys use for elk. I have used G5 Montecs in the past but I am thinking about switching over to Rage. I am a little worried about using a mechanical broadhead because I have heard horror stories about them not opening, but I have seen video and pictures of how devastating they can be. I have also heard how well they fly compared to a field tip. For those who use Rage, how satisfied are you with them? Pros and cons? For those who don't use them, what do you use and what are some of the pros and cons? Thanks in advance!
  12. cuttem

    Results are Up!!!

    I will be in the woods with you!
  13. cuttem

    Results are Up!!!

    Yes it is. Thanks! I feel like I had this one coming. Got my first tag 2 years ago after waiting for 7 years and broke my wrist right before the hunt and couldn't draw my bow.
  14. cuttem

    Results are Up!!!

    I got a tag baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3130???? Is that 8 early archery?
  15. cuttem

    Dear A hole on the ATV

    Yeah it's pretty frustrating. A few years ago I was walking a fence line that I had found a couple of sheds on the year before. About a mile up the fence line I saw a set of quad tracks coming through the forest to the fence. Whoever the A-hole was, cut the fence and continued to rut up the forest on the other side.