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  1. thegunsmith2506

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    blame the gun... dumbest argument ever.
  2. thegunsmith2506

    Hurry up.

    It will be over before you know it. lol Txt me if you need any help
  3. thegunsmith2506

    Fawn crop

    I spent the youth hunt in 19a and was amazed at the number of fawns. It seemed like every doe had one.
  4. thegunsmith2506

    AZGFD water catchment maps

    thats a good thing
  5. thegunsmith2506

    Stickers in pants help.

    I hate those things. I use a pressure washer.
  6. thegunsmith2506

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    Pretty sure they towed them so I bet they did.
  7. thegunsmith2506

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    2 weeks ago we watched G&F chase down 2 side by sides in unit 8. It took everything that truck had to catch them.
  8. I have asked 2 and got pretty much the same answer.
  9. thegunsmith2506

    Bear question

    For me it's about 50/50. If the food is good, there is a good chance to see him again.
  10. thegunsmith2506

    2021 Rut Activity

    Last weekend they were really going! Some of the best days I have seen.
  11. thegunsmith2506

    Squirrel Hunting

    Numbers are way down in 8 and 7w from what I have seen.
  12. thegunsmith2506

    Spring Draw

    I think you give people way too much credit.
  13. thegunsmith2506

    Non Covid bug going around

    we made this shot that kinda has fda approval but not really. Just take it and you will be ok. But also wear a mask and don't go near anyone. Oh and you need at least 3 shots...... They love sheep!
  14. thegunsmith2506

    Looking for K frame 2 inch 38 special barrel

  15. thegunsmith2506

    Fire aftermath

    I have seen a few pictures but haven't been there yet. The area was closed until last weekend but there were lots of people ignoring the signs. There were patches that didn't burn. All of the backburn areas are looking great!
  16. thegunsmith2506

    S&W 15-3 38 Special revolver

    I bought one of these in 2001 for $100 at the cashbox in Tucson. Great shooting guns and well worth the money! Good luck with the sale!
  17. thegunsmith2506

    Darn Bear Ripped my Camera off the Tree

    I have had that happen several times
  18. thegunsmith2506

    Bears in the Pears

    All but one of my bear spots burned. I hope they are in the oaks this year!
  19. thegunsmith2506

    I'd like some input into what this is about.

    You would be surprised. I had on in .54cal and sold it here.
  20. thegunsmith2506

    Enough moisture?

    Did you go by sunflower flat? I bet its full.
  21. thegunsmith2506

    Good News

    36 days till I leave for Alaska for the first time.
  22. thegunsmith2506

    Need help with muzzleloader

    https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/cva-wolf-50-break-action-muzzleloader-rifle We have had good luck with these. Pretty easy to set up and clean. We shoot 250gr SST's at everything from coues to elk.
  23. thegunsmith2506

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    This is the system we have in our house. It works very well.
  24. thegunsmith2506

    Hits Started

    We just found out we have one of the 10 tags in the family. It's a youth tag and his first big game hunt!
  25. thegunsmith2506

    Hits Started

    Me too!