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    Mathews switchback

    This bow has been sitting since I got my new bow, so it needs to go. 28drew 70 lb limbs. Comes with accessories seen. So its ready to shoot, just add arrows. Probably gonna need a new string set in the next year or so. $275 located in Flagstaff. Call if youre interested or pm. 928-310-4798 Geoffrey
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    Mathews switchback

  3. yorick1

    Mathews switchback

    Still available
  4. yorick1

    Mathews switchback

    Forgot to add OBO. Offers are welcome
  5. I have a ttn side by side 12 gague shotgun external hammers. 20 inch barrel coach gun. Great for cowboy action shooting or home defense. Anyway, I'm looking to trade have a couple of things in mind. Would really like a colt woodsman with money on my side. But also looking at a Ruger mark ii or iii I know not a substitute for the colt but more common. Also looking for a contender rifle barrel and stock. Anyway, let me know if anyone is interested. Shotgun is probably worth $400 trade value shot about 10 shells through it and it's been in the safe ever since. Shoot me a PM and we'll talk. Geoffrey
  6. yorick1

    Badlands 2200 For Sale - $100

    That wouldn't be javalina blood would it?
  7. yorick1

    Kuiu Verde and Vias

    I'll take the verde package pm sent
  8. Hello I'm selling my cabelas xl cot. I've Used it 3 or 4 hunts but it's too big for my tent. It is the older version before the lever was added. It does have the nightstand that attaches to the side so you can store stuff like your glasses and handgun. I'll try to get pictures posted up tomorrow. I'm up in flagstaff but will be down in the valley at the end of the month. $75 obo 928-310-4798. Geoffrey
  9. yorick1

    Cabelas xl cot and side "nightstand"

    No tears, sent you a pm
  10. yorick1

    Cabelas xl cot and side "nightstand"

    Yep I forgot. Get it posted tomorrow
  11. yorick1

    Once fired 30-30 Winchester brass 300 rounds

    Ok let me know 928-310-4798
  12. yorick1

    Once fired 30-30 Winchester brass 300 rounds

    Are you willing to ship? If so I'll take them
  13. Got a TTN 12 gague sxs external hammer shotgun. Let loose your inner cowboy or defend your Hunting camp against marauders. Gun is in great shape, fired less than 20 times. But also sitting in my safe taking up valuable space. $350 obo for the shotgun. Cabelas brand Remington 1858 cap and ball revolver steel frame. This gun was never shot does have some handling wear. I'm looking for $150 for this one. I'm in flagstaff give me a shout if you want to take a look at either of these guns. I'll add pictures of the revolver when I get home tonight thanks Geoffrey
  14. yorick1

    Johnny Stewart Bird & Animal Caller

    That brings back memories that thing was cutting edge back in the day
  15. yorick1

    Anyone know what these are?

    Lots of leaches, I wouldn't wet wade in lower lake Mary that thing is full if them.
  16. yorick1

    Wtt: 25/06 Ruger

    I don't suppose that he is interested in cowboy action shooting? I have a tnn 12 gague side by side coach gun , external hammers that I've been wanting to trade. I've only got one 25-06 and you can't have just one...
  17. yorick1

    Bison sholder mount

    Hello, Im selling my Bison sholder mount. I didn't shoot it, I got it in a swap several years ago. (when I was a single man) anyway, it has been deemed inappropriate decor for the new babys room, so it has to go. It is in fair shape only problem is a few small cracks in the lips. It is (about) 30 inches nose to wall, 38 inches top to bottem, and 22 inches side to side. Im looking for $650 and I live in Flagstaff, if youre interested send me a pm and Ill call you back, thanks for looking
  18. yorick1

    Bison sholder mount

    I think it's pretty cute, like a big guard dog, but there are some arguments that you just can't win
  19. yorick1

    Bison sholder mount

    How about $550?
  20. yorick1

    14 inch duch oven and woolrich wool coat

    Oven sold jacket still available