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  1. For sale , 1938-1941 elto pal outboard motor. The motor is in good shape for being over 70 years old. You can see what shape it is in from the pictures. It mostly runs, not what I'd call reliable, but it sure is fun. Probably more of a show/collector piece than anything else. I ran it on a 12 foot dingy, much faster than rowing! But as much as I like this motor, I need some other toys, so It has to go. I realy need to get $275 for the motor. You can contact me here or on my cell at 928-310-4798 Oh almost forgot, I'm up in Flagstaff, but will be down in Gilbert the weekend after Christmas thanks for looking Geoffrey
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    $75 for the bow anyone?
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    Thanks for the kind words. I have friends that shoot Oneidas cuz they want to shoot fingers or instinctive, yet still have some speed advantage over traditional bows. Thats the same reason that they are popular for bow fishing; which is typicaly shot fingers.
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    Jim White tripler

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    Jim White tripler

    For sale jim white tripler, used a couple of times, but I don't backpac hunt so I just use my spotting scope. I'm Looking for $150.00 obo could do a trade? Geoffrey 928-310-4798 I'm in Flagstaff
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    Nov 6A

    prepare to see lots of quads south of 260
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    Eberlestock Halftrack pack

    bump for a great pack.
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    Jim White tripler

    note price drop, to $150 Any one got anything to trade?
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    coal for tent stove

    You can get coal at tuba city most days, folks sell it by the road in 20# sacks ($5 a sack?), not that far out of the way on the road to the kiabab