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  1. Thanks,  no it doesn’t come with a weight or line clip.  I have 2 of these and am holding onto the weights in case I get to somewhere I can use a downrigger again.  Running 2 at once and the boat at the same time was more than I was up to.  I guess I’m not agile enough. 

  2. Cannon down rigger for sale or trade.  It has a clamp kind of mounting option and a home made aluminum one.  Has 150# braid on it currently.   Has been sitting for years, I used it at Powell a couple times.  Anyway, 75$.  Obo Or trade for a camp chef  2 burner explorer.  Or griddle for a camp chef 2  burner explorer.  I’ll put pictures of the aluminum mount when I get to where my boat is stored.  




  3. CBB2AAA8-93EA-4FED-B50E-86B6D3472664.thumb.jpeg.919cd977ec1edf3fc8d218be798f852c.jpegRemington 1858 reproduction 44 cal revolver.  Pietta/cabelas Cap and ball of course, never been fired but has been in my safe for 20 years or so.  8” barrel.  I need the funds for some camo so putting it up here.  260$ obo.  I’m up in flagstaff.  I’ll add some pictures when I get home this evening.  Be just the thing for javalina season.  



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  4. Good afternoon. I’m selling a Burris oracle 2 range finding bow sight. I got this on a whim, and then found that I don’t really like electronics on my bow.  I did mount it, and sight it in, but never took it hunting.  So it’s practically brand new, in good shape. Now $300obo.  I’m up in flagstaff.