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  1. Buckhorn

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    Who did the Taxidermy on the Bull?
  2. Buckhorn

    Elk raffle bull

    I'm guessing 380". Can't get it to 400"
  3. Buckhorn

    What does your "long range" hunting rifle way?

    Do some reading.Get out a bit more? This is why I don't try and have a conversation on social media anymore. Do you know me? Why would you make such a stupid comment? Just glad I didn't waste anymore time on debating you.
  4. Buckhorn

    What does your "long range" hunting rifle way?

    I'm not understanding your shot placement theory Big or Bust. You can shot a animal at 100 yards in the guts with a 300 RUM and you will be gridding the mountain for days also. It's all about shot placement. 10 yards or 1000 yards if you don't hit them in the right spot they are not going to die.
  5. Buckhorn

    photo radar alert northbound i-17

    Or maybe its just a DOT thing. They have been stopping truck for years up there and I think they are finally going to put bypass lights and pull in for inspection signals up.
  6. Buckhorn

    Happy Birthday Cramerhunts!

    Happy Birthday Phil......
  7. Buckhorn

    Happy Birthday TAM!

    Happy Birthday Tim. Now get out there and shot some Jack Rabbit's.LOL
  8. Buckhorn

    AZGFD In The Fast Lane

    It was an intern is what I've heard. Not Kenny Clay.
  9. Buckhorn

    AZGFD In The Fast Lane

    Kenny Clay
  10. Buckhorn

    Sold 9000 pounds of antler

    Its a site to see! When Josh Epperson loads out its un-believable! He's been doing it for years all across Arizona. Heber - Kingman - Page to Phoenix and everywhere in between. If you have any horns and would like to b.s. with a guy that loves antlers give Josh a call. 928-300-8707. Or for you Showlow/Heber guys give Allen Ellsworth a call at 928-587-2967.
  11. Buckhorn

    Happy Birthday Cramerhunts!!!

    Little late but Happy Birthday Phil Buckhorn
  12. HAHAHAHA. I didn't want to walk around in that tall grass after seeing that dang snake. And couldn't agree more Phil. Josh deserves and will appreciate that buck more than anybody I know. Nathan Jackson
  13. Buckhorn

    Happy Birthday Grong!

    Did Josh put you up to this? Bad enough we have to be nice one day a year to him. Now he is looking for two days a year. Happy Birthday Josh I'll be nice to you tomorow!
  14. Buckhorn

    Happy Birthday, Phil

    Happy Birthday Phil!
  15. Buckhorn

    Scoutguard 550v Trail Cam Setup

    $135.00 Shipped.
  16. Buckhorn

    Got my Mexico Coues back today

    dang Josh that turned out nice! Can't wait to head down again in January! Nathan
  17. Buckhorn

    Results Are Out!

    12A West for my 12 year old son and 16 year old daughter. 12B West for my 87 year old Grandfather and Dad. No 13B for me but i have a feeling I will be busy this Fall! Buckhorn
  18. Buckhorn

    Hermosillo sticker sighting

    Amanda, I believe that is Jim Reynold's Ford. Epperson and I will be in that thing middle of next week! Thanks, Buckhorn
  19. Buckhorn

    whats the deal with locating elk in unit 6a

    Thousands of Ranchers?????? How many ranchers do you think there are in 6A? Or even Arizona as a whole. Buckhorn
  20. Buckhorn

    tough times and drastic measures

    I assume your a Commercial Fitter? Have you ever done residential CPVC? I have three commercial projects going on in Phoenix. And we are waiting on three huge Multi Family project that are ready to start in the next couple months. But I must tell you I'm not a Union company and never will be. Buckhorn
  21. Buckhorn

    Happy Bday cramerhunts!

    Happy B-day Phil
  22. Buckhorn

    Lifesize mountain lion

    Looks good Tim. Congrads Buckhorn
  23. Buckhorn

    Happy Birthday cramerhunts!

    Happy Birthday Phil...... Buckhorn
  24. Buckhorn

    Checked camera today

    I'm pretty sure that this is also ILLEGAL you can not permanently attach anything to a tree sure ya want to try to keep your camera safe but its still notthe right thing to do! And who knows it could be private property. LOL Buckhorn
  25. Buckhorn

    Happy Birthday Coues 'n' Sheep!!!!!

    Happy B-DAY. Buckhorn