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  1. resolute


    I think said inch. What can I say. I drink lots of Titos. An inch is human error with a bow as most of us know.
  2. resolute


    No doubt and I am not questioning your "limited experience" But I think you would agree, his bow is NOT properly tuned if field tips and broadheads are not hitting in the same place. Part of tuning, as again you know, is making sure the rest is launching both a field tip and a broadhead in the exact same direction. Clearly it is not. There is a lot of leeway in a field tip. If his bows timing is correct, I would move the rest. Again this is recommended by G5. I am quite certain they have quite a bit more "limited experience" than you and I together. By moving the site, the broadheads will hit bullseye but the field points will not. Again, that is not a properly tuned now.
  3. resolute


    Here is a great link on how to tune broadheads. Another great one. Same advice on the G5 website. You move you REST NOT YOUR SIGHT to make broadheads and field tips shoot the same
  4. resolute


    you don't shoot broadheads and field tips out of a gun. Pretty sure you just shoot bullets. I was taught this long ago from some very excellent shooters, as I used to be confused on it also. Pretty sure Tracy Hardy knows how to tune a broad head.
  5. resolute


    I shoot slick tricks as well. Perhaps i missed something, but You are tuning wrong. if you are shooting 1" low with broad heads, you do not change your sight, you raise your rest to tune the broad head. The small movement of the rest will change the flight of the broad head but not of the field tip. This will bring your impact point of you broad heads right to you field tips. It is actually very easy to tune fixed broad heads as long as your bow is tuned.
  6. Where are you located
  7. resolute

    Tent Repair?

    Anyone know a place in Tucson? I had same thing happen to Davis tent
  8. resolute

    Really? Really???

    Nice bull but that dude's face is jacked.
  9. resolute

    Buying half a cow

    My best friend lives in rural Idaho and raises grass fed and grass finished beef. It's more than 6 bucks per pound but the flavor is incredible. If interested, PM me. Grass finished costs more because it takes an extra year to finish them compared to grain finished. A lot healthier but doesn't have the marbling like a grain finished animal.....
  10. resolute

    Advice for re-fletching

    thats sounds like a good idea! Does it work with gel glues?
  11. resolute

    Better off dead

    we still have a doggy door but our dogs have to wear a transmitter (like a thick quarter) on their collar. When they walk up to the door, it opens for them and closes behind them. Wasn't cheap but worth it for where I live
  12. resolute


    seriously wtf? How can you lose that? He wanted to go home. He looked for 2 hours? Nice commitment
  13. resolute

    A/C on vacation?

    As a custom home builder, I tell my snow bird clients to not go above 82....can lead to lots of cracks if you do
  14. resolute

    Looking for some help

    Will, did you and Kevin do the taxidermy?