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    So the late archery hunt is coming up here in Arizona and I need some tips on how to fill a tag. Ive seen them do it on TV, but Ive always been curious if it works in the West or not. Does anyone have any experience with rattling coues or even calling with grunts for that matter?And even though this is in the whitetail section, what about mulies?
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    Unit 8 November Archery

    Just cows and spikes for me. But lots of them. Almost had a shot at a spike after about a 2 hr stalk but never worked out.
  3. lmtingey

    Unit 8 November Archery

    I've got a late archery tag for unit 1. Headed up there tonight. Keep us updated and maybe we can swap some info after we both hunt a couple days. Good luck!
  4. lmtingey

    Scouting report

    Ive got a tag for that hunt as well. Mind helping a brother out?