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    Goodyear Wrangler tires/reduced again

    TTT common boys & girls!
  2. bowhnt

    WTB 700 SA ADL old wooden stock

    I have one that you might want to look at. its already been cut down some, my wife & daughters all used it. comes off. a 6MM REM. Im here in chandler, i dont use it anymore. i used the action to build my wife a new rifle.
  3. bowhnt


    new price $750.00 OBO
  4. bowhnt


    FOR SALE: Leer shell camper for a 2007 (new body) 8ft box GM truck sliding front window carpeted roof liner 12 V dome light blue granite in color $850 obo
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  6. bowhnt


    I have a new never used set of tire chains that some lucky elk tag holder might need. i bought these, for 2 trucks ago, & never used them. they have been kept in the garage sense purchase. they are made by Security Chain Co. SUPER Z8 stock #SZ 462. $125 O.B.O. 480-695-9272 Thanks & keep your powder dry!
  7. bowhnt


    1st trip with my 2020 Ranger. 2nd one ive bought from Ryan @ IRON CITY POLARIS. this one rides much smoother than my 2012 Ranger. the improvements are very noticeable to me!
  8. bowhnt

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    http://ultimatefirearms.com/ check these out. i have one & numerous friends of mine do also. we have harvested animals from 100 to over 400 yrds. no problems with the gun being accurate with the loads they recommend. this is my 3rd type of muzzleloader & the only one i havnt tried to throw off a cliff after fighting its accuracy performance! lol but im no expert either. just went thru a big learning curve & found enjoyment in shooting a muzzleloader again after buying one. i have other friends who borrowed this gun & found it unbelievable! good luck!
  9. bowhnt

    safe mover?

    I use 18004agunsafe to move mine. they are in Chandler. 480-999-1336
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  11. bowhnt


    2 HS STRUT turkey decoys for sale. slightly used. $40 for both or $25 ea
  12. bowhnt

    ISO 30-30 win dies

    pm sent. im in chandler
  13. bowhnt

    Snake Avoidance Training

    call Web Parton http://www.snakesafe.com/ web_parton@me.com he used to do a class @ Sprtsmans in Mesa once a month
  14. bowhnt

    WTB Rem 700 ADL LA Magnum Stock

    yes i have one that came off a 7mm Mag. its his $25
  15. bowhnt

    Canine TV

    German Shorthaired Pointer i was watching a hunt in Texas last week & some Javalinas were on the screen. they shot one with a bow & it left the screen on the left & my dog ran around the corner to see where it went! lol
  16. bowhnt

    Canine TV

    just have them watch the hunting channels
  17. bowhnt

    Good Off-Road Shop in East Valley?

    Truckwurx @ Gemann & Cooper in Chandler
  18. bowhnt

    Muzzy sabot question

    i shot the bull in my Avatar with the same bullet. placement placement placement! good luck
  19. bowhnt

    WTB Turkey Decoys

    no trade needed. just send me a picture of you guys with your gobbler
  20. bowhnt

    WTB Turkey Decoys

    I just might be able to help you out. I have some older ones, if I can find them, that I will give you. ill check when im off work to see if I can find them.
  21. bowhnt

    Rem 700 Semi Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

    how much does this rig weigh?
  22. bowhnt


    sent you a PM if I get this for the warden I can have my beer fridge back!!
  23. bowhnt

    28 Nosler for sale

    what model of their rifles is it? does it have a muzzle break installed? thanks