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  1. bowhnt

    safe mover?

    I use 18004agunsafe to move mine. they are in Chandler. 480-999-1336
  2. bowhnt


  3. bowhnt


    2 HS STRUT turkey decoys for sale. slightly used. $40 for both or $25 ea
  4. bowhnt

    ISO 30-30 win dies

    pm sent. im in chandler
  5. bowhnt

    Snake Avoidance Training

    call Web Parton http://www.snakesafe.com/ web_parton@me.com he used to do a class @ Sprtsmans in Mesa once a month
  6. bowhnt

    WTB Rem 700 ADL LA Magnum Stock

    yes i have one that came off a 7mm Mag. its his $25
  7. bowhnt

    Canine TV

    German Shorthaired Pointer i was watching a hunt in Texas last week & some Javalinas were on the screen. they shot one with a bow & it left the screen on the left & my dog ran around the corner to see where it went! lol
  8. bowhnt

    Canine TV

    just have them watch the hunting channels
  9. bowhnt

    Good Off-Road Shop in East Valley?

    Truckwurx @ Gemann & Cooper in Chandler
  10. bowhnt

    Muzzy sabot question

    i shot the bull in my Avatar with the same bullet. placement placement placement! good luck
  11. bowhnt

    WTB Turkey Decoys

    no trade needed. just send me a picture of you guys with your gobbler
  12. bowhnt

    WTB Turkey Decoys

    I just might be able to help you out. I have some older ones, if I can find them, that I will give you. ill check when im off work to see if I can find them.
  13. bowhnt

    Rem 700 Semi Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

    how much does this rig weigh?
  14. bowhnt


    sent you a PM if I get this for the warden I can have my beer fridge back!!
  15. bowhnt

    28 Nosler for sale

    what model of their rifles is it? does it have a muzzle break installed? thanks