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  1. luckyone

    New Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic 6.5 CM SOLD

    Thank you Kevin, nice meeting you and good luck on your hunt.
  2. luckyone

    Post up your success in tags

    My son drew a 5a late rifle bull tag.
  3. Holy chit !! i just checked mine and low and behold someone in my family is going elk hunting!!
  4. luckyone

    Az Deer Association Rifle raffle

  5. luckyone

    Az Deer Association Rifle raffle

    Has the winner been announced ?
  6. Fingers crossed I might need one, but i will not no until morning
  7. And i got the last one!
  8. When is the draw?
  9. luckyone

    Multiple rifles for sale

    interested in # 9 can you message me your # ........... must have been typing at the same time
  10. luckyone

    Multiple rifles for sale

    sent you a pm
  11. luckyone


    Might be interested, have to let my wife look and decide
  12. luckyone

    Where are all the Kaibab Bucks ?

    That is my dream buck!!
  13. luckyone

    Are the bulls still vocal !

    They were bugling in 5a friday morning
  14. luckyone

    Wine barrel fire pits

    The one you have left, stainless top or bronze color ?