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  1. luckyone

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    Good news is i got my stink pig tag in the mail today!
  2. luckyone

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    My application was accepted using my social, sounds like I made a donation.
  3. luckyone

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    What if your customer ID is your social ? Thats the way mine has been set up since day one.
  4. luckyone

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

  5. luckyone

    Park Model

    If he does make it into unit 9 to see the ladies this season i will let the air out of him !
  6. luckyone

    Tags in the mail?

    My sons and my tag arrived today !
  7. luckyone

    Tick Tock

    Mine still shows no hunters ed and did not apply!
  8. luckyone

    Portal/bonus PTS. missing

    I had to do the same for my portal. When i checked this morning all my points are there but my hunters ed points are not. Called azgfd sat on hold for 30 min and it hung up on me!! Now i am back in the Q at #28
  9. luckyone

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Fantastic read and congratulations !
  10. luckyone

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    # 112
  11. luckyone

    New Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic 6.5 CM SOLD

    Thank you Kevin, nice meeting you and good luck on your hunt.
  12. luckyone

    Post up your success in tags

    My son drew a 5a late rifle bull tag.
  13. Holy chit !! i just checked mine and low and behold someone in my family is going elk hunting!!
  14. luckyone

    Az Deer Association Rifle raffle

  15. luckyone

    Az Deer Association Rifle raffle

    Has the winner been announced ?