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  1. GotBowAz

    Turdy Job

    Hahaha! LMAO! thats some funny Chit there Jeff.
  2. GotBowAz

    Pinned subjects/forums

    Thats it Amanda! thank you!
  3. GotBowAz

    Where is he?

    Jeff, There is Open class freestyle every spring through summer. Cole should coach! He would be a darn good coach, like his ole man, a chip from the ole block! By the way, Im also getting back into coaching a little. I cant dedicate myself like I had before and I sure do miss it. I probably wont go to most tournaments but ill get a chance to roll with the kids and coach a few matches.
  4. GotBowAz

    Pinned subjects/forums

    Thanks guy's I'll end my search. Thats too bad, there was a lot of fun and useful topics but I can understand if she needed the room.
  5. GotBowAz

    Where is he?

    He looks great Jeff! Those are some nice smallies too. I bet Cole is ready to come home and get some huntin in with his old man!.
  6. GotBowAz

    Pinned subjects/forums

    Amanda or anyone come across the old pinned subjects or have they been removed? I cant seem to find them. I had one pinned in the campfire on Pack animals. bummed i cant find that thread.
  7. GotBowAz

    3 Pack Goats and trailer

    Boy would I love to take them off your hands, i have the perfect set up for them however the pack goats I have would probably beat them up. Do you have the sawbucks and panniers for them too? I cant seem to find the "pinned" pack goat section I started a couple years ago. Maybe Amanda removed them when the format here changed?? 2 and 1/2 are a little young yet, should wait until they are 3 years old to pack any weight on them but they could start training to have the sawbucks and panniers on them empty.
  8. GotBowAz

    August Archery Late Start

    I have an archery bull tag so for me this is nothing but great news! The rut should be going strong by the 28th.
  9. GotBowAz

    AZ to Michigan

    So cool Jeff! Cole looks like he is getting a lifetime of experiences. His pictures bring back some great and not so great memories of Michigan for me. Holy smokes that looks cold!
  10. GotBowAz

    On the board...

    Great job Ed! These little ghosts have a way with drawing you in. you will be hooked for life now.
  11. GotBowAz

    Turkey Whisperer

    ha ha ha, yup thats Cole! Looks like fun Jeff, glad your getting to spend some time with your boys. Psst, please tell Cole the dfference between the boys and girls. hee hee.
  12. GotBowAz


    So your the A- hole letting the cats go in my neighborhood! Im kidding but please understand you aren't fixing a problem. My company finally got rid a of a bunch of cats people dropped off that hung around for a few years. There was a lady that would feed them and even take them to the vet if they were sick, needed spay or neutered. People, please dont catch cats and relocate to someplace else. Dispatch them. really, it isn't that hard to do.
  13. GotBowAz

    Killer Bee's...

    Catusjack, I had no idea you were into bee's, does your boy help you build the boxes? My neighbor has had them in his walls 2 years in a row. Man what damage they can do to a house! Honey was literally leaking threw the dry wall in their spare bedroom. BTW, is that a Yeti Cup I see on your workbench? I have one, longest lasing ice I ever had in a cup.
  14. GotBowAz

    Testing Time of Year

    Ask any kid if they know how to read the time on an analog clock. You will be shocked at the answer. Home schooled kids are generally smarter/more educated however most, not all are socially dysfunctional. Shy, get pushed around dont know how to take criticism from their peers etc. etc. I agree ten fold it has more to do with parenting specially in Az with the diverse kids from all over. I see kids from California as an example, horrible grades barley get by, parents too busy to be at their sports events. Then the exact opposite, usually kids from mid west, great grades, parents on top of them 24/7, at every sporting event, great support system. Im not teacher, just a coach but IMO its far more the parents fault when it comes to education than it is the teachers who's hands are generally tied.
  15. GotBowAz

    Lark must be out...

    Oh no you di-ent! LOL