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  1. Azjeeper

    Metro units

    Did you end up having any luck in the Metro unit?
  2. Azjeeper

    Hows everyone fairing with javelina hunts so far?

    I am having a hard time in 37B I haven’t seen one pig or any pig sign been at it every morning since opening day. If anyone could help steer me in a better direction I would really appreciate it. I am frustrated for sure.
  3. Azjeeper

    Train to Hunt 2016

    How does one start if they are interested in doing it? What kind of gear etc? I saw some of it going on when I was at the archery range it looked really cool.
  4. Azjeeper

    Eagles on the Salt

    Ive seen them at Sagauro Lake and I have seen the eagles catch fish at Pleasant.
  5. Azjeeper

    Mission Bows

    I am looking to upgrade bows and I saw the Mission Bows at my local archery shop. Does anyone have and opinions or experience with these bows? They are made by Mathews and they are not too horribly expensive.
  6. Azjeeper

    backpack hunt

    I have some basic backpack gear PM if you would want to plan a backpack hunt sometime.
  7. Azjeeper

    backpack hunt

    Id love to do a hunt like that let me know if your looking for someone to go with.
  8. Azjeeper

    Varmint hunters question

    Check out the episode of Meat Eater on You Tube, Steve Rinella said it tasted like duck.
  9. Azjeeper

    26m pig

    Id be up to try one of these pig hunts if anyone wants someone to go with them let me know.
  10. Azjeeper

    How many sight pins?

    nlacost thank you that is some good solid advice, I am leaning towards the Black Gold sight its probably the one I am going to get. I am just getting into archery and wow it is addictive. I think the Black Gold sights will be good for my bow now and for when I eventually upgrade to a newer faster bow.
  11. Azjeeper

    How many sight pins?

    Does anyone know anything about the Trophy Ridge react sight? Ive narrowed down the choices between that one or the black gold 5 pin.
  12. I have a 60 pound bow and am looking to upgrade the sights. Im new to archery and have no idea what sight or how many pins to go with.
  13. Azjeeper

    Where can I buy a decent unit map

    World of maps in Mesa or Phoenix would be a good start I get my Az hunt unit maps there. Id get them from there or of coarse Flatline Maps.
  14. Azjeeper

    Spot and stock unit 32 antelope

    Very nice antelope, what kind of bow did you use? how many pounds?
  15. Azjeeper

    Unit 20C

    Thanks Rookiearcher.