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    SOLD - 22LR Ammo Dump

    Hey Rod, I guess the agreement you and I made last night for the 10 boxes of Federal doesn’t mean anything if someone else offers to buy it all the following day. A heads up would have been nice instead of being blown off and reading about it in the classifieds. A mans word should mean something, yours apparently does not.
  2. 1worthlessnut

    FREE LACROSSE GEAR.....back up

    I’ll take it!
  3. 1worthlessnut


    Man, I’ve been looking for something just like this for my son. I’ll take it if the first falls through.
  4. 1worthlessnut

    Free Camper shell

    The hinge for the back window was destroyed(don’t ask) but the glass is still good. If you want to try and put it back together it’s yours. It was on my 06 GMC Sierra with the 5’8” short bed. I’m also selling truck bed carpet kit for only $125 It has great storage and can be converted in to a sleeping space. I’m in Gilbert
  5. 1worthlessnut

    Free Camper shell

    Sorry for the typo. It was on an 06’ Sierra.
  6. 1worthlessnut

    Az CCW

    I sent my renewal in 3 weeks ago today. Nothing yet.
  7. 1worthlessnut

    Cleaning up the bench........

    PM sent on bow case
  8. The price sucks but there are some available on Amazon
  9. 1worthlessnut

    Amazon Prime Day

    Amazon Prime day starts this evening and goes for about 30 hours. There are some great deals on hunting and camping items not to mention just about everything else. Happy shopping
  10. 1worthlessnut

    Any auto painters here?

    Between the Az sun and all the spinning brush car washes I'm in need of a paint job, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken,
  11. 1worthlessnut

    Best place to buy a new side by side.

    Four Seasons in Rye. Their prices are on the wall and there's no City sales tax
  12. 1worthlessnut

    How much REALLY?

    Here is a shot from the weather cam in Forest Lakes.
  13. 1worthlessnut

    How much REALLY?

    0 in Gilbert
  14. 1worthlessnut

    Free Girls Softball Stuff

    Pm sent
  15. 1worthlessnut

    Free ranger battery

    Pm sent
  16. So the drawings tomorrow and I can pick up my new 15's on Friday?
  17. 1worthlessnut

    Sold, please delete

    Thanks Clint it was nice to meet you
  18. 1worthlessnut

    Sold, please delete

    Pm sent
  19. 1worthlessnut

    Chainsaw repair in Mesa?

    Mow power
  20. http://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/2016/11/14/potential-world-record-nontypical-buck-taken-in-tennessee.html?ref=yfp
  21. 1worthlessnut

    Well... bye...

    Canada claims that moments after the results were announced their website on citizenship and immigration crashed due to overwhelming inquiries. Bye B itches
  22. 1worthlessnut

    ISO subsonic 22lr ammo

    It it doesn't work out arizona firearms on power and Williams field has a bunch
  23. I'm interested in the tents. Price?