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    hunting the grey ghost
  1. chillcouesmaniac

    '09 buck

    Nice bucks looks like you tapped a good gene pool congrats! CM
  2. chillcouesmaniac

    Jay's Mexico Hunt

    Nice buck bro!! wish I was there when you killed him next year for sure!! later CM
  3. chillcouesmaniac


    WoW!!! eye guards are unbelievable!! Great buck congrats to the hunter CM
  4. chillcouesmaniac

    Win a Covert II Trail Camera!!

    988 is my guess
  5. chillcouesmaniac

    Another neat opportunity in Mexico!

    Looks good I know that ranch is just north of El Bolletal sergio gonzales roguel and his brother great people!!! where we hunted a few years back there has to be some good grey ghosts there.CM
  6. chillcouesmaniac

    Patagonia deer

    nice buck congrats to you!! CM
  7. chillcouesmaniac

    Reminder to cherish every day.....

    Mark prayers for you and your family ,I can't imagine your pain!! CM
  8. chillcouesmaniac

    IT'S OFFICIAL 125 2/8 gross & 115 5/8 net

    Great buck congrats to you!!!CM
  9. chillcouesmaniac

    Thank you SunDevil

    Nice bucks don't you just love mexico!!!CM
  10. chillcouesmaniac

    Two Dandy Coues Bucks....

    They are both nice but that thick boy is awesome!!!! Congrats CM
  11. chillcouesmaniac

    el pepÉ scores again

    Very Nice Buck Congrats to you!! CM
  12. chillcouesmaniac

    Lion kill

    I agree with jeremyb!! CM
  13. chillcouesmaniac

    Unique Mexico Deer

    Very Nice Congrats!!! CM
  14. chillcouesmaniac

    Monster Archery Buck *UPDATED*

    very nice!!!!! CM