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    Auction tags

    100% correct.

    AZ Lifetime Hunting license

    If you buy an AZ lifetime hunting license and you move out of state, when you apply for hunts as a non resident do you have to pay non res. license fee?

    AZ Lifetime Hunting license

    Thanks for the info. I figured paying non resident hunting license fee and not being part of the 10% cap, I just could not find that info on the AZGFD site.

    Hydraulic rebuilds

    pull the cylinder off and take it to Empire Southwest hydraulic shop. they will fix it if it is fixable.

    Anyone thinking of selling there truck soon

    Maybe, how much is a 2005 Dodge 2500, quad cab, 4x4, diesel, off road package, 6 speed manual transmission worth? 140,000 miles, original owner, never missed an oil change.

    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    Were not complaining that your to successful, we are complaining because there's is just to many people hunting. we have seen the deterioration of hunting in AZ as a direct result of the numbers of people that come here to hunt. Nobody got screwed either, if I was driving 1300 miles to hunt I would have done some kind of research before I left months in advance. I wish they would only allow 500 non resident tags and have a separate quota limit for non residents.

    6A Muzzy hunt question

    Congratulations, late hunts are tough, even tougher with a muzzle loader, yall did good.

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Great Job! Way to stick with it.

    Reloading components

    180 grn rem core lokt $30 - sold 180 grn win power point $30 - sold ammo box with 40 rem 180 core lokt and 6 win power points $60 - sold 500 WLRM primers $60 - sold 500 LRM primers $60 - sold 1000 Rem small pistol $85 - waiting on a return contact 1000 CCI large pistol $85 100 30-06 Norma brass with Unknown Munitions boxes all prepped and ready to load $155 buy both boxes and I will throw the die set in for $20 98 Berger VLD 155 grn 30 cal bullets $70 RCBS 30-06 dies $40 all this stuff is in Flagstaff, I don't do venmo or other electronic pay sources. I prefer cash, I will be out the rest of the day but will get in touch will all serious buyers as soon as possible.

    Reloading components

    1000 CCI large pistol $75 100 30-06 Norma brass with Unknown Munitions boxes all prepped and ready to load $150 buy both boxes and I will throw the die set in 98 Berger VLD 155 grn 30 cal bullets $60 RCBS 30-06 dies $35

    Texas hog or exotic

    The guy is still waiting for that AZ elk tag

    Free Wedding Crap (Decorations)

    I had was baffled, misread the topic, thought it said FREE WELDINGB CRAP. couldn't figure out was welded in the first two pics, so scrolled back up.

    Reloading components

    loaded aught 6 ammo - sold WLRM primers - sold LRM primers - sold

    Looks promising

    It panned out today

    Finally rain

    Raining in flagstaff today and saturday

    Stanley this is off Twitter

    There are places around flagstaff that look like it snowed with all the azz wipe laying around. Whats worse is all the people that come up every friiday and camp in the same spots over and over with all the human waste all around them. i should start posting the pics on here.

    Duwane Adams ?

    R12-4-208 U. A guide license holder shall not: 1. Use, or allow another person to use, any method or device prohibited under any federal or state wildlife regulation, law, or rule while taking wildlife. Question for guides, how many of you had to stop a client from doing something illegal and how did it go. just wondering with so many self centered people in the world today, I think this could get sketchy out in woods with an Ahole paying you to provide him results.

    Duwane Adams ?

    From AZGFD Regulations R12-4-303 7. A person shall not use edible or ingestible substances to aid in taking big game. The use of edible or ingestible substances to aid in taking big game is unlawful when: a. A person places edible or ingestible substances for the purpose of attracting or taking big game, or b. A person knowingly takes big game with the aid of edible or ingestible substances placed for the purpose of attracting wildlife to a specific location. Doesn't look like there is any legal substances that can be used, so they are all illegal.

    Stanley this is off Twitter

    The found the lighter he lit the toilet paper with, we should ban bic lighters. Flagstaff welcomes homeless people by the droves and even has there own money for them. most of those people live in the forest all around flagstaff and they could care less about fire restrictions.
  20. That's a good thing, hikers, bikers, equestrians don't mix well with 40 mile an hour side by side drivers who think they own anything that resembles a road in the forest. I would be all for closing all roads to side by sides. only have certain roads designated to the side by sides

    The moisture creeps in.

    its real cloudy in Flagstaff right now, thanks to the turd bag that started the pipeline fire.

    Duwane Adams ?

    If his hunter broke the law then why is he responsible? Should the hunter be just as responsible for knowing the laws as the guide?

    Duwane Adams ?

    Was the unlawful taking of wildlife, from taking game over bait? Many people take game every year over bait here in AZ, salt, mineral blocks, and all sorts of attractants. Some of these people even post videos of them putting the bait out in hunting areas to attract deer and elk. I wonder how many of those outfitters and hunters are on the G&F list of illegally baiting animals for clients to shoot?

    Cats and bear.

    That a big bear int he first pic, thanks for sharing

    6A early archery bull timing

    if your gonna split the days up i would do as twigsnapper said. if not hunt the last 5 days in a row