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  1. buckoff

    36B early Nov Hunt

  2. buckoff

    Anybody in 30A?

    hey i was there October and it was horrible the hunting is limited the dos cabezas was the best place to go but there is only acsess from the happy camp road coming in from bowie. if you plan on hunting the Dos you better have you hiking boots on . try down off the Rucker canyon road a lot more acsess but more hunters
  3. buckoff

    State Trust Land

    your hunting licenes is your permit
  4. buckoff

    22 Buck

    hey thanx for all the comments Guys!! That was the only buck we seen in 3 days and it came over the hill just before 6pm
  5. buckoff

    22 Buck

    my buddy wacked this buck Sunday up in 22
  6. buckoff

    turkey tags

    when you goin? Im leaving Friday the 18th till monday
  7. buckoff

    turkey tags

    Hey guy thank you so much for the info you provied me Ill repost to let you know if i have any sucsess Thanks again
  8. buckoff

    turkey tags

    Sweet deal do you rmember the name of the gas station??? thanks fro the info
  9. im wanting to go turkey hunting in New mexico but i dont have my tags yet where can you buy them i live in arizona and im not sure i can get my tags sent to me by April 18th?? if any one know differently please let me know thank you
  10. buckoff

    December Buck

    great job guys thats a really nice buck Congrats!!! I have been hunting in 30a still waiting for my 1st whitetail!!! heading back this weekend
  11. buckoff

    Coues Rifle: READY!!!

    i really wouldnt call that a group you should ashoot at least 4 shots but not bad good luck on your hunt
  12. Looking for a cheap utility quad brand name under 3000 if you know of anyone sellin one let me know thanks
  13. buckoff

    Scouting trip #2

    How come i cant see the pics??????
  14. buckoff

    Bear hunts?

    Hey guys I've never been bear hunting and i really would love to go. I Need to be taught all there is. I think it would be a rush to hunt those blacks. Mayb u guys can give me some tips or whatever thank alot !! Good Luck
  15. buckoff

    need help in 22 w/ pigs? Please

    thanks so much i across the salt river on tuesday and i just didnt see a lot of signs, but they have to b in there. how far off the river do u think they would b? thank again foe the help