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  1. This is all of the problem we have with being able to take a limited resource from the landscape while still being able to keep said resource on the landscape. There will never be a fair way to give everyone a shot as there isn’t enough to go around. Some of the fun is being in the group that some pulls a tag with too little points to draw. We all know someone. I’m not offering solutions to the situation but this snowflake that started this has no understanding of what it takes to keep wild critters in wild places. This ain’t pay in and get what you want, especially in AZ.
  2. dentedr

    Duwane Adams ?

    Given the times and all the bs going on maybe just ban outfitters. Seems no one can keep up with the shenanigans that come with them, including AZGFD. Regardless if we keep going this way we will be paying the king to hunt his game.
  3. dentedr

    Primal Rights Live Giveaway on Youtube

    Yea…no time for more people exploiting.
  4. dentedr

    End of hunting season in 36A until the Fall.

    I hate hearing about the negatives of how people treat the land and property that allows access. But, thanks for putting it out there, hopefully this information makes it to at least one offender to let them know it ain’t proper. Was always raised to leave it better than ya found it.
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    Solo hunt rewards

    Thanks for putting h the story together and posting. Starting to feel like the old CW lately!!!
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    Is this still available? I have a friend that might be interested
  7. dentedr

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    Private land rights should be upheld but… If the “conspiracy theories” are correct and they are closing it to prevent access and make it a “rich mans game” to charge extra money like the ORO ranch then I say horses**t!!!! And f that!!!
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    My 2021 RAM!!!!!

    Great story, and a holy smokes ram!!! Love the crossed out <1 shirt!!
  9. dentedr

    A Friends Desert Tag

    Great sheep with character!!! Thanks for posting
  10. dentedr

    New Draw

    Are there that much missed in the harvest quotas throughout the year that’s it’s come this. I thought we had a shortage of critters in this dry state. I’m very confused now.
  11. dentedr

    2nd DIY AK Moose Hunt

    Sounds like a great time and a lot of the good kind of work. Thanks for sharing the story and taking the time to answer further questions.
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    Stuff and Things for sale.

  13. dentedr

    Satellite Phone rental

    I would recommend PHI Satellite Phones. I rented from them for a hunt near the border this year. Pricing seemed reasonable to me for just needing it for a week. https://phisatellitephones.com/
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    I am interested, it is showing you cannot receive PM’s. Please PM me if there is another way to contact you. Thanks
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    Never thought i would turn this tag back in

    May want to double wrap
  16. Lot's of good points brought up about the changing of attitudes towards hunting. Something in this thread really bothers me and its the finding of animals with only the antlers and capes taken. This is not only ethically wrong but illegal. This can be found in Arizona State Law A.R.S 17-309 Paragraph A Subsection 5 (see link below). The people who do this need to face the consequences because it will be all of us that suffer and lose the opportunity to hunt, whether it be subsistence or trophy. http://www.azleg.gov/viewdocument/?docName=http://www.azleg.gov/ars/17/00309.htm
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    My Son's 2016 Desert Bighorn

    Badass ram!!! What a beast!!!
  18. dentedr

    Where? When? WTF?

    That's interesting. I would have guessed 6B from 2010. There were several areas that were hit there and looked just like that during that time.
  19. dentedr

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    The suspense is killing me