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  1. KeithV

    Which brass?

    we use the hornady for both of ours the norma and winchester stuff wasnt out there yet though, winchester has always worked well for us on other calibers,and i cant complain about the hornady at all
  2. KeithV

    Rem 700 long action search

    northland shooters supply has them as well
  3. Coues hunter you should go to cabelas and try their hd 15s and the zeiss i just got some of the cabelas euros and they are really nice and i hear the zeiss are about the same but some people have trouble with the zeiss ergonomics
  4. KeithV

    Building My Reloading Bench

    thats pretty dang nice
  5. KeithV

    Savage 110 long action

    +1 on the 280ai 6.5 06
  6. KeithV

    My Wife's Buck

    great job steven congrats to you and your wife
  7. I have a freind that has the shv and he loves it.
  8. KeithV

    Leupold 6.5-20x50 LRT

    that didnt take long
  9. KeithV

    WTB Outdoorsman tri pod

    the one thats for sale in the cwt store is a real good one one of my boys has it, does the job well
  10. KeithV

    Outdoorsmans bino stud

    They sure are
  11. KeithV

    Daughters video of her deer hunt

    Jerry that was awesome you really did a good job
  12. KeithV

    15x56 euro HD (meopta/Cabelas)

    Thanks big bug i appreciate the binos my son said you were a cool cat