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    One Day Hunt = My Personal Best

    Nice buck. Were you able to get all of the meat out?
  2. azcodito

    Mule deer or Coues deer?

    so, did you ever find him? Really nice buck...I like the color of his antlers.
  3. azcodito

    I will start it....

    Thanks, I have some stew cooking up in the pot right now
  4. azcodito

    I will start it....

    First buck. 11/4/2012 Unit 24B
  5. azcodito

    Trail cam pics

    Is it just me or does that picture look photo shopped? That Jag looks fat, like one you'd see in the zoo, and his feet don't seem to be touching the trail.
  6. I'm looking for a hunting partner for my hunt in AZ 24b. I'm planning on heading out on Nov 5th and go until I get one or have to come back for work on Nov 9th. I'm going to try to backpack it as I did a little scouting in Reavis Ranch area so I'd be interested in going back there but I'm also open to what others have going. I'm a early 30's father of 3 and I work in public safety and live in East Mesa.