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    WTB/WTT Ruger M77 1" Rings

    I just got them out,sorry they are not blued they are matte. NIB.
  2. WallHanger

    WTB/WTT Ruger M77 1" Rings

    I have them in blued. Call or text me 928 978 6793.
  3. WallHanger

    New Badlands summit price drop 250.00

    Pm sent
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    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

  5. WallHanger

    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    Selling my Bmag to fund another rifle. Comes with 4-16x40 center point scope. And 13 boxes of ammo. It is clean and in great condition. $450 928 978 six7nine3 face to face only i plan on running up to antler fest and can bring it thanks
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    My first Coues archery buck!

    Great buck! Congrats.
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    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    It shoots ok for a 3000 fps rim fire. I haven't ever really set up for a tight group. 4"-5" group at 100. I do not have any pictures of targets. I think it shoots the 25 gr bullets better than the 20s.
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    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    Still available..$450
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    Got my deer back

    Sweet buck and nice mount!
  10. WallHanger

    What Kind of trail?

    Maybe turkeys got wise to the acorns washing to the bottom?
  11. I think about the hunts I've been on in the past and of course they were all a lot of fun wether we filled a tag or not. But some really stick out and I seem to reflect on them more often then others. One that sticks out was with just my dad and I. We drew 19A Archery Antelope in 1998. I was 13. We had an absolute blast! I remember trying to shoot at camp the weekend before the hunt and my release would give about half way through my draw cycle and my dad was just cussing like crazy "keep your dang finger off the trigger" finally I say here dad you try and the same thing lol! We had to tighten and loc tight the set screw behind the trigger. I found a small white mulie shed from the road heading out of camp. We had an old single cab bench seat Chevy and picked up a couple hitch hiking girls on 89 later to realize the signs say don't pick up hitch hikers, the Mingus girls camp was right above camp. We had to search for our fold up toilet seat about a half mile from camp because a huge storm came in and washed it down stream. We stood on a ridge off of fain ranch road and watched antelope from all different directions run right past us, I shot at a big buck we called Jim, and my dad laughed so hard when I shot because that buck seemed to turn and duck right before the arrow got to him and it stuck in the mud. We flung a lot of arrows and never connected but for so many reasons that one sticks out as one of the best hunts I've ever had. What's your most memorable hunt story as we prepare for another hunting season?
  12. WallHanger

    What was your most memorable Az Hunt

    It's awesome to read everyone's stories. You just never know what kind of experience people have had out in the hills and the knowledge one has gained by putting so much effort into their passion. One common theme in this thread has been wives, kids, brothers firsts, and that makes reading it so much better. It seems like most do it for the right reasons as the most memorable wasn't "look at me" I killed a giant. All the firsts makes me think of my wives first. It was day 2 of the October hunt in 2008. We began the morning glassing a small canyon and drainages that had produced for me in the past but everywhere I panned the Binos I found people. At one point I spotted a deer feeding on a bush near the top of ridge with probly a 20 yard radius opening all around it. As I studied the deer trying to make out antlers, it gets down and crawls into the bush and disappears right as a hunter walks 20-30 yards above it right in the top portion of my view. That was a significant event I will never forget, these deer are crafty! I told her lets get out of here there are way to many people. We loaded up the four wheeler and headed east up a rough road I hadn't been on before. The road made it up in the middle of a large saddle that had few openings in the junipers on the shady side. I stopped the quad in the middle of the road to make a phone call. As I was on hold with a hotel to cancel reservations so we could keep hunting, I put the 10s up and started looking in the openings. Luck would have it one of the openings had three bucks standing there looking at us in the broad sunlight. It was around 400 yards and half way up. I hung up the phone and got her unloaded explaining quietly what was going on. We slipped into the shade and I showed her the opening where the deer were and we leap frogged to around 300 yards and set up. She was having a hard time, we had only a 12" bipod and she had to shoot up hill..doesn't work well. So we move up another 10 yards and jump a couple does straight up to where the original bucks were. We get down and set up and the deer are gone. Crap. So i am scanning through all the openings and then back to the first and there are three bucks again but two are spikes and one small 3 point. The 3 point may have been one of the original three but the spikes weren't there before. I told her get back on the first opening and shoot the buck on the right. She moved over slightly and slid the safety off. That moment was slow motion and my heart pounding I am watching the buck and she squeezes it off and the buck just drops. I jumped up yelling and cussing holy....you dropped him! She got spoiled right away thinking it was just that easy...she ended up with like a 4 year dry spell after that but has definitely earned the animals she's got in the past couple years, she's been a trooper.
  13. WallHanger

    What was your most memorable Az Hunt

    I can't imagine 16 days on the strip with just my dad...I bet everyday was an adventure. Time well spent! 15 days solo, I bet there were some tough moments on that hunt facing challenges alone, good job staying focused until the end.
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    Chest freezer

    9 cu ft chest freezer. It is clean and works good. $40. Located in Payson.
  15. WallHanger

    Chest freezer

    Sold. Good luck on your hunt busted knuckles!
  16. WallHanger

    Chest freezer

  17. WallHanger

    Kenmore chest freezer

    My Freezer is 26x36x36. Looks just like bojangles and freezes stuff until it's frozen, then keeps it like that until you take it out. I'll take a turkey gun(since that's the only tag I got) or 40.00 bucks.
  18. WallHanger

    Kenmore chest freezer

    Big Browns I have one for sale also. It is a tad smaller.
  19. WallHanger

    What would you guess this scores?

    86" great eye guards!
  20. WallHanger

    WCL Tiger Trout

    Being out as the sun comes up on a crisp morning is refreshing and will help any man unwind. Sounds like you spent your day right, good job staying persistent until you landed them!
  21. WallHanger

    Understanding Antler Reproduction.....

    +1!, and good eye on those bucks! I see the difference now..
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    Wtb 17hmr or wsm

    http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/57818-savage-b-mag-17wsm-for-sale/?do=findComment&comment=559949; 450.00 with scope and 13 boxes of ammo.
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    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Hey, Has Anyone heard when cards are going to start getting hit?
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    Nevada proposing to ban Trail Cameras

    I would rather buy kids a set of 15's and not give up mine . There is plenty of opportunity. Check the thread about fall hunt recommendations and tell us there are not enough tags being issued because some cameras hang on trees. If you cannot get a deer tag every year you aren't trying. Huh? What does banning cameras have to do with not getting a deer tag every year? I take coues32s comment more about wanting to conserve game by having less technology such as cams and 15's. I believe he means the opportunity to harvest a deer is more important than the opportunity to draw a Tag and with so many tags being issued, cameras, 15s, 1000 yard rifles, coyotes, now wolves, social media and the need to kill big stuff to prove yourself to the world, our kids future opportunities to harvest deer are going down. Of course the game and fish will keep selling tags giving you the "opportunity" to get a tag but the tag don't mean much if the "oportunity" to harvest isn't there. I am not for banning cams or giving up my 15s and I like my deer tag every year as much as the next guy. But what coues32 is talking about makes sense to me and I take it as we all need a higher awareness that we each have a responsibility to do our part to make sure opportunity remains for our kids kids just like we have had.