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  1. 8OWHUNT247

    ground blinds

    Yes. They work great. I make sure not to have windows on both sides open. It will reduce the scent coming out if you only have one side of windows open.
  2. 8OWHUNT247

    Help for a kid in 5BS

    Have you been helped yet?
  3. 8OWHUNT247

    Cleaning house!

    What are you looking to get for the XBOX? Trades?
  4. 8OWHUNT247

    Spot&Stalk Mulie 2016

  5. 8OWHUNT247

    Daughter gets it done

    Well Done!!
  6. 8OWHUNT247

    Unit 1 Thefts

    Kinda like wolves..... SSS
  7. 8OWHUNT247

    Roughest Road Ever?

    +1 on 132D.... and 214 come to think of it.. I am surprised we haven't run into each other 6Anut
  8. 8OWHUNT247

    Roughest Road Ever?

    Yeah, anytime I say, "I saw this road on google earth, I think its a short cut.." It seems to break the record for the roughest road. LOL Its got to the point to where buddies don't even want to try them!
  9. 8OWHUNT247

    No big bulls, but some cool pics

    Thanks for sharing!!
  10. 8OWHUNT247

    evolution of antlers (Updated)

    That's really cool...
  11. 8OWHUNT247


    Now that I think about it... Good thing you shook your foot, a little more calling and you may have been bit in the face!
  12. 8OWHUNT247


    LOL Sounds like it got a little western!! Cool story!
  13. 8OWHUNT247

    Jimmy Johns

    Well, that took a quick turn.. The man knows his sheep apparently. So, all I want to know is where the heck is a picture of him? For the record, Nextime I am talking to someone about a sheeps score, I am totally gonna start talking about average nose diameter. That way they know they're talking to a SME. HAHA
  14. 8OWHUNT247

    Remington 700 mountain rifle 280 rem

    $900 without the scope? Is that correct?
  15. 8OWHUNT247

    Texas Whitetail Deer

    Gonna be a great year! That second buck is a pig..
  16. 8OWHUNT247

    2016 Archery Velvet Muley Down!!

    Well Done!!! Heck of a buck!
  17. 8OWHUNT247

    Under Armour pisses off hunting community

    No, they just ambushed water holes, food sources, etc... Like any other predator. Agreed, if they had 500 lbs of maple donuts 15,000 years ago. I am convinced there wouldn't be a single person that could fit in UA camo anyway... LOL
  18. 8OWHUNT247

    Under Armour pisses off hunting community

    Everyone arguing... Spears are badass... Have been for the last, I don't know, 15,000 years or so.. Would some of you been okay with this if it was at a water hole or "water bowl" or even a berry patch for that matter? Don't know about you but this makes me want to go spear a effin bear!!!
  19. 8OWHUNT247

    A few pics from 21

  20. 8OWHUNT247

    San Carlos double

    Way to go Dad!
  21. 8OWHUNT247

    Big Kaibab Bull down.

    Well done!!! That hunt is a challenge to say the least!!
  22. 8OWHUNT247

    35B November 4th-10th ?'s

    I hunt or tag along hunt in 35b just about every year. We will be down there for thanksgiving this year.. Backpacking is great. If you are looking to do it without keeping an eye open, I wouldn't do it there... I personally don't mind the November hunts but they certainly aren't the best. Folks don't care for them as much because the October hunts puts the pressure on so if you had a buck patterned, it has probably changed.. AND its' before the rut action kicks up.. It's the in between phase but I assure you, there are still deer on every hill.
  23. 8OWHUNT247

    Sit still or else!

    I like the seat with a cooler built in.. Keeps my sandwich cool and there is nothing like that first drink of coke when its cold.
  24. 8OWHUNT247

    Man vs Wolf

    So stupid... What do you expect though... I blame these peoples parents..