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  1. 8OWHUNT247

    Question:Will lightning shut off the camera?

    Very odd to say the least.
  2. 8OWHUNT247

    Found dog

    Well Done!
  3. 8OWHUNT247

    After the trigger is pulled

    I think there are showers at DeMott Park.. Not positive but it would be much closer than GCNP.
  4. 8OWHUNT247

    Love Rinella

    I have the big game book. I love that guy too! Sometime I feel like he takes words straight from my brain..
  5. 8OWHUNT247

    Question:Will lightning shut off the camera?

    Same EXACT thing with mine 3 weeks ago.. Never happened before..
  6. 8OWHUNT247

    Why do they attack your camera?

    Happens all the time... Must be the salt.
  7. 8OWHUNT247

    late archery strategies

    Spot and stalk...
  8. 8OWHUNT247

    Homemade Spring

    I hope your hard work repays you with action during the hunt.. Looks like it will!
  9. 8OWHUNT247

    Shed find.

    Well Done!!
  10. 8OWHUNT247

    Life could be much worse!!!! Look at this dude

    Brings a whole new meaning to nuts on your chin!!
  11. 8OWHUNT247

    Divorce, Time & Change

    Thanks for your time!
  12. 8OWHUNT247

    Woods Canyon Lake?

    Yes.. Trout. From a boat, troll cow bells with a night crawler.. You should do alright.
  13. 8OWHUNT247

    A few Trailcam pics

    Nice pics!!! Hope to see some more.. Good Luck this year
  14. 8OWHUNT247

    Idaho shiras moose tag!!!

    Awesome mount of a better memory!!
  15. 8OWHUNT247

    Pic from new area

  16. 8OWHUNT247

    Which unit will you be hunting in August?

    Only because I have a coues buck on camera at one of my elk spots... First coues buck on camera for me, YES!!!!
  17. 8OWHUNT247

    Which unit will you be hunting in August?

    6a this year but normally it would have been "Other"
  18. 8OWHUNT247

    ALASKA 2016

    Looks like a heck of a trip!!
  19. 8OWHUNT247

    Leftover deer tags

    I've never in my life wanted multiple tags so I never looked... Thanks though, now I know how to use windows. LOL
  20. 8OWHUNT247

    166 3/8

    Amazing Buck!!!
  21. 8OWHUNT247

    A few from this morning

  22. 8OWHUNT247

    Leftover deer tags

    Actually, you would think they would sell you as many tags as you'd be willing to buy. (Archery tag OTC and Rifle Tag either leftover or drawn) You can only harvest 1 deer a year though. Do we know this as a fact that you can't buy multiple leftovers? Not sure why you would but I bet they'd take your money.
  23. 8OWHUNT247

    Leftover deer tags

    Bueller??? Bueller??
  24. 8OWHUNT247

    Striper/carifsh hot at Lake Mead!

    Looks like you have it figured out!