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    Sizing Die Question

    Thanks guys for the info.. it was 3/4 turn not 1 1/4 , and yes I got there by doing 1/4 inch turns.
  2. I have .308 hornady dies and a Lee breech lock press, per the instructions that came with the dies it states to screw down the die until it touches the shell holder, I did that and then resized 25 rounds and loaded every single piece of brass. I tried them in my rifle and the bolt wouldn't close. I ended up cranking the die another 1 1/4 turns down and they now fit my rifle.. Is this normal with the hornady dies on a lee press?
  3. hunted 2 1/2 days in 20a and didn't see any sign or pigs.. we walked miles and glassed.
  4. 200shootr

    Dead Coyote

    Driving by, saw a dead coyote at Hobart and greenfield in mesa; I pulled it off the road into the patch of dead weeds on the east side of greenfield road. Not sure if anyone is interested; If no one picks it up tonight I'll call for Dead Animal Pickup in the morning. I don't know how to skin them and I don't have a truck or I would of taken it..
  5. 200shootr

    reloader17 and a .308

    Averagejoe, go ahead and pm me with how much you want for those.. mr1984, I sent you a pm
  6. 200shootr

    reloader17 and a .308

    I have one pound of rl17 and I live in east mesa.. cottonwoods a 2 hour drive, I think I'll pass. I would love to trade if you were local
  7. 200shootr

    reloader17 and a .308

    I'm afraid that getting a speer 165gr btsp or any others listed on the load data are impossible right now as powder is scarce as well.. just trying to find someone who has loaded these bullets with rl17. ;/
  8. I know its really late to work up a load for my general Javelina hunt in 3 weeks. I procrastinated getting powder until I had purchased all my equipment to reload; well now I have everything, and I managed to get some reloader17(which is all I could find). Does anyone have any load data for 165gr Nosler Accubonds as I'm not sure where to start.
  9. 200shootr

    knife sharpening in the East Valley?

    Thanks I'll check it out!
  10. I was curious if someone knew a place in the East Valley that can sharpen a knife that I have. I know I can do it myself but it was a custom made knife and I don't want to mess it up. Thanks
  11. 200shootr

    Navajo nation turkey draw

    I'm not sure what units are good but heres some info... http://www.nndfw.org/2013tsg.pdf
  12. 200shootr

    Doubled Up!!

    congrats guys, great pictures!!
  13. 200shootr

    2 down!!! Tagged out for 2013

    good job and nice pig!!! can't wait for my ham hunt, i'm excited
  14. 200shootr

    Garmin Geko 201 - SOLD