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    Quiet Handgun

    I have to agree here but in my mind if you "need to use" the side arm your ears will get over it so I like my .45
  2. KillItAndEatIt

    Who taught you to hunt?

    My dad was a big hunter when i was real young but then we moved to teh city and I never got out. growing up i went out with friends and stuff that is how i learned
  3. KillItAndEatIt

    Burglary in Glendale!!!

    I heard this story yesterday while down at a bike shop and I found this today when looking for more information. I guess if this is actually the real guy involved he can verify the story but I heard that he has been working with the local cops for 2+ days now to not only recover the car (done) but also try catch the guy and get the other stuff back. Again the story I heard is he has lost some substancial cash personaly in this ordeal cause of lost wages at work and lost sales. I hate to see the guy get flamed on (if he is the real guy and is helping out!) I mean he is doing the right thing and it is costing him money (around the holidays) to do it. I dont think asking "if" there is a reward is a bad thing. I would like to hear the whole story once we know more. Story sparked my interest and nothing on the news, I have been looking for more news and seen none. I expect the news would pick up on something like this, kinda a feel good story to me