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  1. Me mad? No, not at all. Incredible buck. But as an official measurer myself (P&Y) it does irk me a bit when people change the process into something that it's not. There is nothing official (even if scored by an official measurer) until the animal is recorded. And certainly nothing at all official about a green or gross score. State the green/gross score if you want, but don't claim there is anything official about it. Now sad, on the other hand, I might be, just a little bit for the buck and the manner in which he was killed, but that's just me. I'm not personally into the long range shooting thing. Don't care to start a debate. Fine if it's your thing, it's just not mine. And yes, I hunt with a rifle too. I'm not just a bowhunting snob. Congrats to the shooter and the crew. Glad it made them happy. Amazing animal!
  2. Incredible buck! Admirable effort to finding and keeping tabs on him. But one point made me laugh, "official gross green score". No such thing. Nothing is official unless scored and recorded by an official measurer and that can't happen until after 60 days. As for the 902 yards part... biting my lip.
  3. So I've only be up close to two dead coues bucks. One I just killed a couple days ago and one a buddy killed years ago on a January hunt. Both bucks had bot fly larvae in their nostrils. One was in 22 and one in 23. Nasty things! Now I've killed and/or been around dozens of mulies and eastern whitetails up close and I've never once seen the larvae on them. Coincidence? Ot is there something to coues bucks that attract them. I know they are harmless but they sure are gross!

    How to report deer harvest?

    Thanks Brian for the response. May I suggest educating your employees so that when we call with this conflicting obvious issue there is some knowledge? It would save you some man hours.

    How to report deer harvest?

    Huh? It says in big red letters across the front of the DEER tag that I must report within 10 days.
  6. This is so annoying! I'm a non resident so this process is foreign to me. It says in big red letters right across the front of my punched deer tag that I need to report a harvest within 10 days. OK, fine. So I go onto the DFG website and click a link to report a big game harvest. Easy enough, I think. It takes me to some survey that asks me for a User ID and Survey ID number. WTH is that? It leaves an email contact to reach out to with questions. So I do. The guy gets right back to me and says that info is on your postcard. I say I have no postcard. So the guy tells me if I have no postcard I don't have to report. I tell him back that it says I have to report within 10 days right on the tag. And how could I possibly have a postcard within 10 days of harvest if the GFD didn't even know a harvest had taken place? So now he calls me. He's as confused as I am and has no idea what I am supposed to do. So.... I'm in limbo here. I want to do this right as I have a pile of points and dont want it to cause me problems or keep me out of a draw or something in the future. How the heck do you report a deer harvest in AZ?

    AZGF to ban salt/baiting

    No more debate please, but what's the latest on this? Did the ban pass? If so, when does it go into effect?

    AZGFD Rule Changes

    So what became of this? Did the ban pass, and if so, when does it become effective? Any updated info. No debate, just a status report please.

    Pipe feeder?

    I don't normally see pigs up this high. Coatis, hmmm, never thought about them. Actually bears are my biggest concern. Not sure how to keep them or other critters away. Any ideas?
  10. SDHNTR

    Pipe feeder?

    WRONG. I may be from out of state, but this isn't my first AZ rodeo. Please DO NOT turn this into a bait vs. not baiting debate. Please just address my questions or keep quiet.
  11. SDHNTR

    Pipe feeder?

    I live 325 miles away from where I like to hunt coues deer. In years past the areas that I have found with the most deer are heavily timbered and under oak canopy. It's hard to spot and stalk because once you do see one, they are hard to keep tabs on during the stalk if they get in the trees. Especially hard in Jan when they are chasing. Was thinking about switchinggears this year and setting up some blinds with feeders, hopefully attract the does and the bucks following them. Being that I live so far away, frequent trips to check stands is out of the question. So I was thinking what if I set up a big pipe feeder and strap it to a tree? A section of abs pipe with an elbow at the bottom the deer can eat out of and let it gravity feed. Make it big enough to where it will last for a while. Has anyone done this with success? How big will I need to make it so that the feed will last for a while? Or am I just wasting my time? I was thinking maybe a trip out in Nov to put the feeders up. Another trip out in Dec to check on things, set up blinds, and then coming back for hunting in early January. See anything wrong with my plan?
  12. SDHNTR

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    Check your PM.
  13. SDHNTR

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    VERY interested. Can you please send pics to ntreadwell77@yahoo.com? I'd call you right now but it might be too late in the evening. Will do tomorrow. How old are they? Are you set up for paypal?
  14. Gentlemen, I am building a pro staff for a broadhead manufacturer. This is a fixed blade head that is arguably the very strongest on the market. It is a compact, one piece, cut on contact head, that is machined from one solid piece of steel. There are no welds or brazing. This manufacturer has been making trad style heads for a while but just recently took the same technology and made a compact head for compound shooters. Flight is exceptional and like a field point out of tuned bows. We are looking for a potential pro staffer in AZ. Here is the deal. We will consider those individuals who are yes, successful bowhunters, but also those who are good ambassadors for the sport of archery. We want guys who are well connected, well known, and respected in their local archery community. Guys who are involved with local clubs, go to local shoots and shows, and those who have good relationships with their local bow shop owners. You will be expected to do some promotional work and to be a good representative for the company. You must be an adult and you must be clean cut, knowledgeable, and articulate when it comes to archery. In exchange you will receive a years worth of free broadheads for each year on the staff, a supply of small game heads, Pro Staff T shirts and hats, and most importantly, a chance to represent a company with huge potential for growth. Please PM for more information. Serious inquiries only. Resume required. I don't mean to make this sound like a second job, it's surely not, but we do want quality individuals looking for more than just free stuff.
  15. SDHNTR

    Velbon Customer Service help

    thanks! I just called their US counterpart and they said they'd take care of me.