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    stoen cameras

    i see what you mean but i looked at pics myself its very obvious that he is removing camera" oops he missed the one taking his picture while removing one of the two" guess if you knoe who you are you can contact me by e-mail to return them.
  2. bowcrazy

    stoen cameras

    just checking to see if anyone els has had cameras stolen in unit 23 lately? My buddy just had two stolen thist week, he has some good pics of thief but dont know how to handle the situation, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. bowcrazy

    Advice on archery turkey?

    I arrowed a bird in 23 couple of years ago about 40 yards from a treestand, clean kill with a 3 blade expandable sitting water
  4. bowcrazy

    Guess the score contest Oct 2008

    dang nice buck 119"
  5. bowcrazy

    Great Weekend

    Too cool I can relate to taking them the first time, he's hooked I guarantee it. don't have any sons of my own but I had the honor of introducing all of my nephew's to hunting when they were young and they all haven't stopped, its a great feeling. hope you have lots of fun and memories.
  6. bowcrazy

    What did you apply for?

    Elk - 27 archery bull 1st 1 archery bull 2nd had to pull stash mula for elk no mula for lopes............ daughter takin it all gettin married!!!!
  7. bowcrazy

    2007 December coues

    great job good story cool that you stuck to you're comfort zone on shooting, welcome to the site.
  8. bowcrazy

    pse x force

    ya ya ya if ya aint shootin PSE stay on the porch! ha ha ha !
  9. bowcrazy

    January 08... I'm done!

    outstanding buck! congrats!
  10. bowcrazy

    My first deer

    nice buck matt, congrats, close to home?
  11. hope to see a shooter like that one of these days in september archery, dang nice buck, congrats! welcome to CWT.
  12. bowcrazy

    Our Director gets busted

    what about hunting privelidges? does NM revoke hunting and fishing like AZ, it didn't say anything about it in the article, Ive known of a few people that have supposedly made honest mistakes and cooperated with info and still lost their privelidges in AZ and still paid the fines, the hunting and fishing also carrys into quite a few other states that are now sharing information.
  13. bowcrazy

    My 2007 AZ Coues Hunt

    Great buck amanda cool story, hey tony I think that story needs to be published!
  14. I had the same thing happen to me this year in unit 32, we arrived to the area we were palnning to hunt on the first day, we noticed a couple of guys standing in a camp we passed down the road a ways, we parked and grabbed our gear and headded out up the canyon we were going to hunt and when we reached about mid-point of top of ridge we noticed a couple of guys standing above us,well after we decided that our gameplan had just gone sour we headed up the backside of the canyon to give space to the guys we saw already ahead of us, that evening we were headed back down to the truck we heard a shot from down the ridge to our left and saw them packing out a deer, we decided to go and check out the kill, it turns out that these guys were the guys we had seen in the morning, but the bad thing was they told us that they had seen these guys park their vehicle and they ran up the canyon in the dark to get ahead of them, thats about the time that i started to lose it and decided to let them know that we were the guys that they had ran past, of course they didn't find it funny after I told them. where did all the hunter ethics go? seems like the more I run into these kind of people the more i get angry, come on guys we are are all out there doing the same thing, have a little hunter courtesy to the next guy, you might find some day you might need help and don't be surprised if the person you ask might just look the other way, thats what just seems to be happening more often these days.
  15. bowcrazy

    Monster MOMS!!!!

    now thats one for the calender, dang nice buck congrats,nice pics.