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6mm bullets

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Cleaning out some of the pills I no longer use and have the following for sale. Prices do not include shipping, TBD pending quantity you want to purchase, per USPS packaging rates. Otherwise you can pick up in South Chandler.

2- 250 ct. 65 gr. VMAX $70 each I'll throw in the 19 Moly coated pills
1-250 ct. 58 gr. VMAX $70 SPF
1-69 ct. 58 gr. VMAX Moly $18
4-100 ct. 70 gr. TNT Moly $20 each SPF
1-100 ct. 70 gr. TNT plus 14 extras $20 SPF
Sierra bullets, 20ct. 60 gr. HP and 83 ct. 70 gr. HPBT $25
Berger 65 ct.- 65 gr. Match $25
Barnes Varminator 58 gr. opened box, full $30


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