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PRECISION MATTHEWS PM-1440BV and complete tooling setup to build rifles

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PM-1440BV PRECISION 14″X40″ LATHE with TrueBore Alignment System and 6 jaw chuck.  I am getting out of doing my own rifle work and looking to sell off machinery and tooling.  I have everything somebody needs to start matching rifle barrels immediately.  Will sell as a complete deal or sell tooling separate from lathe/truebore.  I will not sell individual pieces of tooling.  Below is a partial list of what I’ve got and information on the lathe.  Tooling and lathe have built less than a dozen rifles. If you’d like to talk pricing please give me a call at (928) 486-7063.


-APPROX 25 PTG Reamers in differet calibers

-PTG counterbores

-PTG adjustable micrometer holder

-Mitutoyo mics and depth gauge

-Mitutoyo dial indicators


2″ Spindle Bore, allows larger work through the headstock

Available With or Without DRO as shown – Optional DRO Is now Easson model ES-12B (Higher end graphic display)

Variable Speed – Change speeds while running to dial in for the best surface finish

Quick Change Tool Post, Foot Brake, and much more included standard!

Cast Iron base for extra rigidity

220V Single Phase Power, no phase converters needed

Short spindle length, 16-1/2″, great for gunsmithing operations through the headstock

Priced very, very reasonably when compared with other similar models – And others are lacking the 2″ Spindle Bore, Wedge Type Tool Post, Cast Iron Base, and much more

Leadscrews Are True Inch Pitch Screws (Not Metric Conversions Like Many), 10 Threads Per Inch (.100” Per Turn)




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