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2024 Coues Calendars are available now!

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Darren Freestone has created another great calendar for us Coues fans!  Each month features an excellent Coues Buck photo in addition to moon phases and any Arizona hunt application deadlines.   Darren has been making these calendars annually for many years now and they are always great.  They make great gifts for your hunting buddies! 

Thanks Darren for another great calendar!

Unfortunately, I am having issues with my regular CouesWhitetail Store, so I put these calendars for sale in my Etsy store for now.  Price includes shipping.  My Etsy store isn't really a hunting store, but has a bunch of my night sky photography and you might find some nice gifts for your wife there!  Hopefully I will be designing some hunting apparel there, but don't have any yet in the store.  

Free shipping. 

link where you can purchase the calendar in my Etsy Store:



and this second link is to my main Etsy store where you can view all my items...in case you are interested.  


coues cover PXL_20231026_191403514.jpg

nice buck PXL_20231026_193738459.jpg

feb dates PXL_20231026_193756655.jpg

July PXL_20231026_191458046.jpg

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