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Sticker Shock

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I had to get a new battery for my hunting rig Amber.

I built the battery box to hold the Optima because I

know it is not a matter of will she roll but when :rolleyes:


Called my wholesaler Yesterday to order a new one and craped.

He said they had three major price jumps lately.

Retail price is now $350.00 :o

Ralph, thank you for the cut you gave me even on my wholesale price

but it was still a BIG chunk of change.


Camera got put on hold again Amanda :(

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Maybe I need a new wholesaler :P

It's a local parts store and we all know things cost more at retailers VS internet.

I have done some shopping and they treat me pretty good but we can not compete

with the buying powers of the internet guys who are happy to just put $10.00 in the pocket and let the manufactures ship it direct.

I paid about the same so I don't feel bad and I think think everyone off the street gets a better price than what is listed as retail so they feel they got a deal also :lol:

BTW it is a 34/78 which would cost me $211.34 TMD so I still won and it is here ready to install.

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Are you trying swap that battery for a hunt?




:o Ya think :rolleyes:

Don't think I can ride the Quad

so my girl gets to come out of semi retirement :P


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