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Velvet Antlers

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Bugs aren't normally attracted to tanned skins, only raw flesh which can be from improperly cleaned skull caps (or not cleaned at all), as well as horns and horn cores. If bugs are drawn to a dirty skull or cap they can then do damage to the tanned skin on a mount also. Back in the day taxidermists used arsenic as a bug repellant which was very effective at keeping bugs away, but it was also tended to shorten the lifespan of the taxidermist by quite a bit. After its use was discontinued along came a pesticide known as Edolan-U which was almost as good, but it was a carcinogen and has since been outlawed. Borax is not as effective as the other two, but it won't kill you either so sprinkling it on your velvet once a year is harmless. There is a company that now is making some natural insect repellants for the taxidermy industry. I have not used any of their products but they claim they work well and have a product you can mist on your velvet once a year to keep bugs away. Their website is www.mountmedix.com .

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This thread has such good information, it needs to be bumped back to the top. Thanks Dale and Clay for sharing a little piece of your expertise.

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