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5A cow end of Oct.

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My kids drew a couple of 5A cow tags at end of Oct.


I've had 2 great hunts up there several years ago, but totally different experiences on the same Oct cow hunt. One trip, wacked them 2nd day, practically couldn't avoid them. A few years later, same hunt, very few elk. I figured they were disturbed by so many back-to-back hunts, and we finally pulled 2 out of a canyon with a nasty pack-out.


I'm wondering if I should look further north of the rim, and get out in the open country in the mixed juniper stuff, if the elk have scattered.


My heart is in the tall pines, and it's nicer camping there, but I keep hearing people talking about getting out of the pines and glassing. I'm just not sure if it's appropriate before large snowfalls drive the majority of them lower.


Anyone got any thoughts or advice on this?

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Cows move every year, I am guessing the hunt u had years ago you were smack dab in the middle of them and the recent one you had was a normal hunt where you had to get after them.



Try to locate the majority of elk before the hunt, check tanks


Lower country is easier to glass up elk but often times less elk than the pines

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