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post-1636-0-65858300-1354493026_thumb.jpgpost-1636-0-32030500-1354493049_thumb.jpgpost-1636-0-24553300-1354493174_thumb.jpgpost-1636-0-71813900-1354493192_thumb.jpgSteve's 2012 leftover buck. We had a great hunt this weekend. My brother and I went down with my friends Steve and Dean along with Deans dad Karl this weekend. Opening morning Steve smoked this buck. Dean also tagged out but i don"t have any photos since he was on the mountain by himself. Friday for my brother and I was spent from the grueling pack out of Steve"s buck and going in to help Dean so we got to hunt on sat and this morning but had to come back home for work stuff. My brother missed a buck this morning on bucks that spooked. I also had the second one in the scope but when I pulled the trigger the safety was on. My fault but it happened very quickly so it was kind of comical. Kind of disappointed that some other hunters saw us packing out in the area we found and then decided that they needed to hunt the same spot we were. I know this because they were glassing from a high road and we ran into them and they said they saw us coming out 2 miles away. The next morning they were parked right next to us in the basin. I wouldn"t do it but oh well its public land.

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