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Santana Outdoors

A Memorial Day poem

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All of us here at Santana Outdoors want to wish you a happy Memorial Day.  We greatly appreciate all the vets who have served past, present, and future.   We ask that you will please take a moment and thank all the vets that you know, as they will appreciate it.  I have written a short poem for this Memorial Day, I would love it if you would read it, and take a moment to reflect for all those who have given their lives for us, enjoy.


My precious son, welcome home

Let me hold you, embrace you, for you are not alone

My how you’ve changed, what battle has done

From serving your country,  my soldier son


Your shoulders are broader, your face is like stone

Your hands are all battered, ankles worn to bone

You’ve shed lots of blood, and flood many tears

For you are a man, who’s truly faced fears


You’ve done the unthinkable, and have taken a life

And prayed for the courage, to do it in strife

You’ve lost many brothers, in battle abroad

And know that they rest, in a place next to God


I know who you are, because Im the same man

Now sit back and listen, while I hold your hand

I’ll tell you a tale, of freedom and pride

For I am God’s son, like you I have died


You see I’ve been a soldier, since the beginning of time

Fighting for good, my mission divine

I’ve died for Gods children, which you too have done

Your master is thankful, my soldier son


You were not blessed, with riches or gold

But with gifts much greater, than can ever be sold

You see god made you, with one mission in mind

To protect his creation, your mission divine


I know you have scars,  that run deep inside

That man cannot see, but from me they can’t hide

Now hand me those burdens, in me you confide

Lay them at my feet, I’ll wear them with pride


Your mission is over, so lets take you home

To meet our great father, the man on the throne

He loves you so much, for what you have done

I welcome you home, my soldier son


Rhett Connolly, Author

Santana Outdoors

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