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Blood trail dog available for "rent"

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We have a Bloodhound we have trained to blood trail, and with the hunting season upon us, and hearing every year of lost game animals, we have decided to “rent” out Daisy to assist with recovering your animal.

Daisy will blood trail any wounded animal, deer, elk, bear, antelope, ect…. She helped recover some elk last year for a couple hunters. Since then we have spent many more hours in bloodtrail training with Daisy.


So if you think you may want to use a blood trail dog to help recover your animal, here are a few things you should know: heat, wind, and time are detriments to a successful recovery, so is a trail that has been trampled to death by hunters and their buddies looking for the animal.

Try to not contaminate the blood trail (walk next to, not on, visible blood) and if after an initial search,(don't wait to long...the shorter the time between when you shoot and when you get the dog to the area the better, within 18 hrs or less) you decide if you want to use the dog, back out and make the call.


We will help determine if the conditions are good for a successful recovery, so as not to waste anyone’s time and money. If you have any questions or for more information give us a call.


928-238-0094 Heather

928-238-0097 Dale

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