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Hunt to South Africa

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Here are some pictures of my second trip to South Africa. The first was a plains game hunt in the Orange Free State. This time we were in the northeast Limpopo province on a 20,000 acre preserve that bordered Kruger National Park. The terrain is vastly different than in the Western Cape or Orange Free State. Quite dense brush, but the animals, birds and even the insects are amazing. The hunting was challenging. We did most of it on foot, tracking in the dense brush. About the only animals that were not in the preserve were Hippo, Lion, and Elephants. Fortunately never ran across a Black Mamba, but our tracker assured us that they were around. South Africa has done a fantastic job at preserving and restoring it's habitat. The area we hunted was a cattle ranch 30 years ago. The game is fantastic to eat. The Cape Buffalo and Kudu meat is far superior to any beef or game I have had. The grilled Kudu tenderloin is a delicacy that has to be experienced. My outfitter was Ernest Dyason who runs Spear Safaris, an absolutely first class outfit. My guide was Koos Moulder. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of the animals and their behavior, and the tracker, Shingeta, from Zimbawe, had superb tracking abilities. He had been doing it since age 10. The Elephant and Hyena pictures was taken on a day trip to Kruger. The Giraffes were on the hunting preserve.


This was an anniversary trip with my wife, Shirley. Normally a little timid about bugs and spiders, she was along for all of the hunting in the brush. She was so taken by the experience that 5 inch black and yellow spiders, present everywhere, did not phase her. On the first day, 20 minutes into tracking the herd of buffalo pictured, she leans to me and whispers, " I love this!"

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