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Unit 33 Scouting Done

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Scouted for a 3rd and final time this past Sunday. Spotted a total of 16 white tail, but they were all does. Glad we got that out of the way and looking forward to only seeing bucks starting Friday. :-)


At one point, we came across a doe, up on a hillside, 20 yards away, having some dinner as the sun was setting. Looked up at us, said hi, and walked away.


As I've mentioned, this my first into 33, so there are a few spots picked out, just in case others have the same spots.


Thank you to all who have pointed me in the right direction and giving tips to my posts.


Good luck to all.. hope you fill your tags.

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Get out before sunrise and stay out all day until sunset and you'll find them. Nothing better than a snooze under the shade of a mesquite about 10:30.

They tend to bed from 9:30-11:30 and again from 1-3:30.

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