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Arizona Coues Whitetail –

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daltons buck

Arizona Coues Whitetail Buck – We’re not looking for just any buck, but this one. After 4 different youth hunters and 5 years of trying to get this buck, Dalton did it. Congratulations to Dalton, his hard work, persistence and his dad, Mike. He took this buck at 550 yards and then carried it up the steep side of the mountain. I was blessed to be there!

Hunting is not like it used to be. I remember hunting mule deer with my dad in the Hualapai mountains, no binos, no backpack and a 243 with a scope that might reach 250 yards. He said “There is buck mountain, I’ll meet you up on top, good luck son”! Padded me on my back and away I went. I soon developed my own deer hunting technique I call “Spook N Shoot”. Yeah, you spook them, whistle, then shoot. Rarely worked, but it was all I had. As I look back I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Today, we teach our kids to glass the game from hundreds if not thousands of yards away. In most cases we have time to think about what we are going to do. With the skills and talent that these kids have these days it is great to see how successful they have become.

Either way, the old days way or now, to be able to pass on this wonderful gift of Hunting to our kids is awesome. It is one of the best ways build a lasting memory with them and a father son relationship that will last forever!

God bless you and see ya in the field,


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