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Hunting Blind kills Trophy Elk

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Tim Means is a “Totally Blind” hunter that was helped by some very special friends last fall. Tim shot this elk at 175 yds. He uses a “red dot†type sight that his helper can see over his shoulder to guide him in for a shot. When he is on target the helper tells him and he pulls the trigger.  Tim has also killed mule deer, white tail deer and turkey.  If you don’t think that this is a “Trophy Elk†you need to try walking through the woods with a blindfold on and then shooting at something based on what someone tells you!

To round the story out, Tim has been totally blind since he was 19 or 20.  A few years ago he wanted to go hunting.  A friend who hunts turkey and deer in Texas with blinds with feeders.  They put Tim in a blind and over the next couple of years he shot 2 turkey with a shotgun using a laser sight; and then 2 doe deer, again with a laser sight.  All from a blind in Texas. About 4 years ago he got a Kiabab CHAMP Tag and Friends Steve and Bob took him up there.  On the second weekend they were successful and Tim shot a mule deer (doe) with the laser sight.  This past year he drew a 6A CHAMP ANY ELK TAG.  On opening weekend he got in on a small bunch of bulls; they stalked from about 300 yds.; and at about 175 he shot the Trophy Bull in the picture using the “red dot†sight with Steve looking over his shoulder to help him.  Tim was truly like a kid when he called me that day.

Now we are working on getting him a deer with archery tackle – a crossbow.  Mounting a “red dot†type sight on it, we’ll try the laser too because we don’t need distance.  Tim is a great guy and you would never know that he has a disability.

A customer of ours Bill McLean shared this awesome story with us. I was blown away to hear that Tim has fought past his disability to enjoy the outdoors that I had to share his story. With permission to post. Congratulations Tim for taking a trophy elk and to all involved in helping a fellow hunter! Thank you Bill for sharing this story with us.

See you in the field,


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Inspiring story. I have seen a few other totally blind hunters before. Amazing what they can do, and what the people who help them will do for friends and family. We should all be so lucky to have friends and family like that.

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