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Good luck 2nd season turkey hunters

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Hey everyone. I'm up in 23 near Christophet Mtn for second opening for first season tag holders. Came up yesterday after work. No luck puttin birds to bed last night so went prospecting this morning. Got one Tom to respond to me at about 6:15A. Set up the decoy and tried to coax him in but he never made another peep. Stayed put for about 30 thinking he may be coming quiet but no luck. Just walked back to the truck calling every hundred yds or so but didn't hear anything. Grabbed a bite and gonna roll out again but Im bumming at the lack of turkey noise.. Anybody else hearing action in 23?

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Since I had no time to scout I did the run and gun technique in 4A. Not a gobble was heard. I suspect that the Turkeys are getting call shy from over calling just like the Elk.

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