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  1. ThomC

    Trail camera rule changes!

    Davis is a big shot wanabe. He got him self on TV. He did this on Tucson TV to get the leftists animal rights nuts wound up so they would come out for his agenda. Tin horn phoney. Guides are the problem so guides should be restricted, not average Joe.
  2. ThomC

    Ammo Increases Coming in April

    Buy up all that you can get now before the prices go up. 🤔
  3. ThomC

    Paying Children Allowance

    No, kids have to look forward to a country going to hekk. The Dumbs are totally in charge.
  4. ThomC


    When I moved to Tucson, Orange Grove Rd. smelled so good in the spring. Parts of Phx also. I dont know of a single orange grove in AZ now. Just nuts now. LOL
  5. ThomC

    FYI --New Log-In For AGFD Portal

    You would think that Lame & Fishy would put out some guidance. But, I suspect that even they dont know anything about their new program.
  6. ThomC

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    It sounds to me that the G&F doesnt like anybody making money by killing animals. Sounds like the first step of the antis to ban hunting. Use the evil money card. How many earth first and the like are infiltrated into the G&F now. So, why not just say nobody shall charge money to help hunters hunt. Everyone knows it is the guides for profit that are the problem with cameras.
  7. ThomC

    Draw odds

    The draw will be weird this time because lame & fishy has a new program and it will crash as in days of old. You better start early.🙄
  8. ThomC

    HUGE W / T Buck Spotted!

    ADOT spent a lot of money building a animal bridge over Catalina highway so the whitetail in the 33 could go into 37a.
  9. ThomC

    G$F Fines

    Ya, it depends on how many doves he shot, his lack of the migratory bird stamp, if he can look real sad, did he try to deceive the officer.
  10. ThomC

    2021 Pronghorn Regs are online

    Did lame and fishy ever get their port hole fixed yet?
  11. ThomC

    HUGE W / T Buck Spotted!

    Wow a new breed of deer in the tortolitas. Maybe a whitetail/horse.
  12. ThomC

    Free College!

    I am going to get a degree/doctorate in Basket Weaving. Its FREEEEEEEEE.
  13. ThomC

    Covid relif bill

    Dont forget more money for the Kennedy Center for the Farts.
  14. ThomC

    Who the heck is Jedd Fisch?

    Wow was that ever quick, it must have been in the works for a while. Reportedly some big alumni are abandoning ship. It is all ra hyenas fault.
  15. ThomC

    Joe and the Ho

    Guess who is next in line, crazy Nancy LOL.