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  1. How many people hunt coyotes in the Dewy Humboldt city limits? Big f rip. LOL A Wildlife Conservation lottery would generate more money and get the non hunters to help pay.
  2. ThomC


    Oh no you mean the Snakes, the team that Pima County built a new spring training facility for, only to have them take a big dump on and slither out. HaHaHaHaHa 😬
  3. ThomC

    Please define "desert units" in AZ

    You are in the desert when the little furry things stick in you. And when you start to like it then you are a real desert rat. 😉
  4. ThomC

    35a - Camper wheel

    PS. A wheel bearing does not seize up unless it has no lube. Or was tightened down too tight. You can thank your lucky stars that a passing school bus full of kids didnt find your wheel. Revise your maintenance program or have more drama. 🚯
  5. ThomC

    Foxpro problems

    Did any of you read the instructions that say dont throw the caller out from your stand? 😎
  6. The new post today about what to buy a 3006 or a 6.5cm just got so complicated that a newbe would have to take a class on all of the different calibers and what you have to do to be a rifleman. 😜
  7. ThomC

    not secure

    I believe that it is a result of the new program. Any thoughts from the help crew?
  8. ThomC


    Deer are not so dependant on water in the winter.
  9. I dont know what Bob is referring to but maybe Lance sold him a bent barrel. LOL😁 This site has been a little milk toast lately so maybe Bob needs a little action. 😆 I do know that Bobby, Gabe, Karen, and many more do a great job with youth camps in Gods country R5.
  10. ThomC

    not secure

    When I click on forums my browser says Not Secure in red.
  11. ThomC

    The Game!!

    It appears that we got another bad coach.
  12. ThomC

    How is YOUR coldbore?

    Rifle accuracy cannot be bought. It must be earned. Buying the latest high $ hotshot named caliber, rifle, scope, hat etc. will not make you a good shot. 😮
  13. ThomC

    Lots of lessons in this article!

    We dont need no stinkin wolves. Duh, people why do you think that our forefathers killed them all. Most of you dont know the story of Little Red Riding hood but, to sum up wolves are bad. They will harm your children. 😎
  14. ThomC

    How is YOUR coldbore?

    How many have shot a Deer and missed and did not go to the spot to thoroughly verify the miss?😒
  15. ThomC

    Canyons or flats?

    The answer is yes. Are you a pilot? Well then,😏