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  1. ThomC

    Woodbury Fire

    Yeh, the Lost Dutchman mine searchers. Who knows what evil lurks in the wilderness. Smoke em out. 😏
  2. ThomC

    Wind Meter

    I use my wet finger. 😑
  3. ThomC

    30/06 Winchester Model 70 Post 64

    Why did you need so many bullets then? LOL I have a pre-64 and by all accounts it is a better rifle and is priced accordingly. Maybe the post rifle got a bad rap but so did the 6MM Rem. Sometimes rifles are valued by the fad at the time but that is the way it is.
  4. If you cock your rifle and cant your head and hold your mouth just right you might hit something or get an AR with a big clip and e s pray.
  5. That explains it your a leftist. 😁 LOL You know what they say in Mex if you cant take a joke.
  6. Send a PM to Amanda so you can learn to search. This question is not only stupid but, has been asked and answered probably a million times. And before the haters that love to say dont read the post then, I agree dont read another what should I buy post. 😶
  7. ThomC

    Hiring Event!

    Bus drivers can carry to avert school attacks and protect themselves from unruly kids? 😁
  8. Kill snake, bring the dog up to the snake, shock the piss out of the dog. Repete. When dog will never go near the snake then you are good to go. Kill snakes in sisters yard. Have a snake fry. 😎
  9. ThomC

    Finding "pockety deer"

    Just keep doing what you said until you are not a newbie. Newbies always want shortcuts.😒
  10. ThomC

    Get those apps in fellas!

    Compared to the overpopulation of the "other people. "
  11. ThomC

    Traeger at Costco Tempe

    What happened to using an old rusty barrel and making your own and using "real" wood? 😒
  12. ThomC


    Breaker breaker good buddy, you got your ears on?
  13. ThomC

    Bullies of the range! Well written!

    When is it time to quit worrying about getting a black eye, and doing what is right. Our currant President is doing it!
  14. ThomC

    Blood from a turnip lol

    On this Memorial Day I would like to remember all of the fallen officers and soldiers who died to protect your cheap a-- butt. You probably spent more than $32 this weekend drinking beer and pissing it away like you do everything else. 😎