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  1. When is the retirement party for the out going chairman? I would like to see him give up his badge, car, and keys. Also his department authorized trail cam and images and other department accesses and information he has acquired while a commissioner. It would not be fair chase for him to use them. If he had any of the ethical sportsman values that he wants others to acquire he must not hunt or fish for a period of time. G&F should name this rule after him and give him another plaque.
  2. If you read the rule it says that you cannot use an image captured on a trail camera to pursue a deer. I does not need to be your camera. So, the anti hunter gets a picture of the world record coues whitetail in the Santa Ritas and post it on all social media outlets. You now may not pursue deer in the Santa Ritas for fear of being sited for pursuing that deer in the Santa Ritas. The rule that the commission voted on has many holes that cannot be filled without redoing the whole process.
  3. It was hard to watch 5 people who supposedly care about hunters explain how they came to their conclusions using only subjective evidence. Only non and anti hunting people would buy their story. Real conservationists were insulted and sold out. And this is not the first time and will not be the last.
  4. O, you thought that they would use facts and common sense?
  5. ThomC

    Friday in Payson Trail Cameras

    The comments by the comminissioners actually proved just how biased they were towards their agenda of banning cameras. The G&F spent hours trying to justify what they wanted at the very start.
  6. ThomC

    Friday in Payson Trail Cameras

    As predicted the commission had their minds made up so obviously sportsmen and sportswomen comments were disregarded. The commission voted with the people who didnt comment and dont hunt. The vote is in and your vote didnt count. Ammo will be next I predict.
  7. Tomorrow the G&F will hold a meeting way the heck out in Payson where the least amount of speakers will be allowed to comment on TRAIL CAMERAS. Talk about comment suppression. Also there will be a way to have speakers contact them thru their communication system if it works. LOL
  8. ThomC

    Draw question

    ROTFLOL. How many change orders do YOU WANT, to PAY for? 🤣
  9. ThomC

    Hwy87 - hwy188 rd closed do to fire

    And there are more and more of them.
  10. Ah, the bygone days and memories that name conjures up.
  11. ThomC

    Squirrel Sticks

    Very artistic. The real environmentalists repurpose things for true art.
  12. ThomC

    Teardrop Trailer for hunting/fishing?

    Well newbie the answer to your question is no. Most on here have big trailers for total comfort for their whole crowd of helpers. 🤣
  13. ThomC

    Any Way To Filter Out Classifieds?

    Get a mouse with a scrolling wheel.
  14. It really shouldnt concern you if you dont see it, and especially if you dont hear it.
  15. ThomC

    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

    Says the guy with the measly 200 post count. LOL