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  1. ThomC

    3 preference points - suggestions

    Your best bet is the Dec hunts. If your from ND then the snow and cold wont bother you. Go hunting even without a tag for the experience and see all the equipment that you will need.
  2. ThomC

    HELP - Predator Hunting Phoenix

    Helpful ?? LOL everything posted is read by thousands of lurkers. Try Phoenix Varmint Callers club.
  3. In Tucson we have many types of criminals, illegals, leftists, antis, drug addicts, idiots, and that is only the mayor and council. Add in the board of stups and enviro wackoos. Tucson is a perfect example of what happens when dems take over and bring their socialism from mexico and kali. Tucson is a "welcoming city".
  4. ThomC

    Practice pays off

    What kind of gun is that? Where are your 20 power binos and backpack full of stuff. What brand of camo? Ahh the good old days. Nice! 😊
  5. ThomC


    G&F dont like the proliferation of cameras used for hunting for profit. Expect them to take another shot at it during the next rulemaking.
  6. ThomC

    Big Coues Buck Hit! Need help....

    About 30 yds passed your effective range.
  7. ThomC

    Chicken killers revenge

    Every time I have had a Bobcat at my coop there have been pretty kitty lovers around. GRRRRR
  8. You may not LIE IN WAIT at a waterhole. Or, LIE during any political speech. Or, LIE with your neighbors wife. Or, LIE up a tree at a waterhole. Or, be a LIER.
  9. Your first mistake was asking the internet LE's. What you should have done is looked for it till the season is over. After that you could ask the real LE's. what your options are. But, never post your business on the internet. That posse will not help.
  10. ThomC

    Units 32/33

    Now you know where the crowds are.
  11. ThomC

    ISO: Camp Trailer

    PM sent
  12. ThomC

    1st Archery Kill.

    Way back when' I started hunting pigs with a 40# Herters recurve and bear broadheads. I shot my whole quiver at a herd. Then picked up some of those arrows and shot one in the butt. It lived. I found it the next day. Still with the herd that was not liking me anymore at that point.
  13. ThomC

    Draw odds

    It is called make money baby. 😐
  14. ThomC

    Draw odds

    The odds are it will snow.
  15. ThomC

    turned in Bull tags

    But, it is bad weather outside. 😁