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  1. If you dont take them and then wish that you had then you have an excuse, even though they wouldnt have made any difference. 😎
  2. How many are going out Duck hunting tomorrow? What is the difference between coots and moorhens. I tried to eat a coot once, LOL.
  3. And a shortage of Quail in many of the traditional spots.
  4. ThomC

    Rut Activity

    I saw a big herd in 23 no bulls. Heard a few not excited high pitched bulls at night.
  5. My favorite sport is strangling rats. I am glad I can still do that in Qfornia.
  6. ThomC

    Desert tourtuse found. Pictures added

    The poster thought it was a Desert Tortoise. There are other reasons to involve G&F but if you dont know them then that is my point.
  7. ThomC

    Desert tourtuse found. Pictures added

    I cant believe that on a hunting website we have people not knowing what they are doing with wildlife. Your first call should have been to the G&F. 😕
  8. ThomC

    Which weapon would you choose?

    More details, location, and an invitation and then you will get your answer. 😊
  9. ThomC

    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    The perfect conundrum for the anti loonies in this country. They dont want the buffalo in the park and they dont wanted them hunted.
  10. ThomC

    6a/5bs Archery Deer

    LOL, all of the deer are hiding in that area that you haven't looked at.
  11. ThomC

    Popcorn thread

    Where,s my free popcorn? I needs my free stuff obama.
  12. ThomC

    Dove Recipes

    Simmer in creamy chicken mushroom soup. Not new but excellent. Thank you Bob Hirsh. RIP.
  13. ThomC

    30-30 NonLead Loads

    Silver bullets are good. Leftists from MN probably like gold bullets especially if they can get them from the rich people. Paint some lead green mark AOC and tell him it is a green new deal. 😁
  14. ThomC

    Popcorn thread

    When I put trackers on trucks I put 2, one easy and one hard to find. Poachers make good scouts. 😶
  15. Lance you got the hot spot, west side not even 1 inch. A good place to sit water is where there isnt any.