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  1. ThomC


    My solunar app says Fri is excellent and full moon.
  2. ThomC

    Savage 16 lightweight hunter

    What is that rubber on the barrel?
  3. ThomC

    Backing out of driveway

    My son in law brought a cooler with a huge salmon fillet in it to cook. He left it in my garage and left the door open. He went out later to get a beer and pigs had eaten the fish and some red sauce. The garage floor was a mess. 😒
  4. One more step for socialism and one more step for communism. It is called death by a thousand cuts. I posted this problem on predatermasters.com and got very little response. 😭
  5. ThomC

    1999 f250 7.3 crew cab 4x4 $8000

    Wow that makes my 96 with 200000 miles just a baby.😊
  6. ThomC

    Turkeys gobbling

    Spring is in the air. The quail in my neighborhood are calling like crazy.
  7. ThomC

    Turkeys gobbling

    I heard two gobbles at Patagonia Lake at daybreak last week.
  8. ThomC

    A little help needed

    Are you 55? If not ask someone who is, to go and pretend to stay there. F the rules.
  9. ThomC

    Cast iron Dutch oven 12 inch

    what did you do buy a microwave?😫
  10. ThomC

    Looking for jet ski rentals

    Lake lice are undesirable.
  11. ThomC

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    But, but, we need to save the planet so New York and LA dont get flooded. I suppose that you eat a lot of beans and fart also. 😱
  12. ThomC

    Something good unexpected

    I'd give it back. 😶
  13. ThomC


    And the fishing/catching was good. Anybody hunt duck last year on Roosevelt.
  14. ThomC

    WTB: 5x8 Cargo Trailer w/Side Door

    If it only has a side door then it will be a PIA to load and unload.
  15. ThomC

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Dont shoot of a hood of your truck. Especially not at a elk rare elk.😫