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Red Rabbit

Bucskin Chapter ADA: 12B Water Project

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I received this in an e-mail from Rich L:


Hello Everyone,


Here we go again! The Buckskin Chapter has scheduled another work party....this time on the northern portion of the Buckskins in Unit 12B. We will be putting heavy duty liner's in two (possibly three...if time and materials allow) of the earth tanks/catchments located in Arizona. Jim Smith will meet up with me at Leightner Camp with materials on Tuesday the 12th for project(s) review. We will be joined by Shane Stoller (and front-end loader) of Coyote Ranch on the morning of the 13th and will start preparing the first tank (nick-named Boxed Canyon) just on the Arizona side of the border....we hope to finish it that day and move over to Middle Reservoir/Munchie/Ken's on the road by Green Tank for prep on Thursday. We will be ready to start laying the liner's on Friday and will continue through Saturday. THE MORE PEOPLE THAT SHOW TO HELP....THE SOONER WILL WE BE ABLE TO FINISH. We're not for sure....but it looks like Jay will be able to come up and cook a dutch oven dinner for us on Saturday evening. So come on up and bring a friend....you don't have to be a chapter member to help out or to eat the good cookin Saturday evening! Be sure to bring your personal protection gear and camping set-ups if you want to stay....there's plenty of room. Also any shovels, rakes, digging bar's, atv's with ball-field drags, etc. will be greatly appreciated.


For those of you who don't know, Leightner Camp is about 11 miles south of Hwy 89 at mm 40.5 in Utah or about 9 miles south of mm 45. Anyone needing better directions can email a request back to me and I'll set you up with a map. All the major turn-offs will be marked to camp and to the work area with 2 ft by 4 ft sandwich board signs once you turn on to the frontage road south of Hwy 89 (turn right at the first four-way south of the hwy at mile marker 40....and left at the first junction south of the hwy at the mile marker 45 turn-off). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions....928-645-9669.


Hope to see a bunch of you there. By the way, this is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about the northern end of the Buckskins in Unit 12B. And a chance to enter the special projects "work party" certificate give-away raffle that we kicked-off at the banqueet this spring.


Rich L.

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