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Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack

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Eberlestock does it again. The latest evolution of the famous J34 Just One pack says it all,  “If you’re going to own just one hunting pack, you should make it a “Just One.”

We get lots of calls asking for a pack that can be a 3-7 day pack in pack, meat hauler and a day pack! The Eberlestock J34 Just One pack is the one.

Each year Glen Eberle the owner of Eberlestock, looks for small details to improve a continuous quest to make their products better. The J34 features a new streamlined shape, vertically adjustable torso length, waterproof zippers, a high-visibility interior (no more groping for a black flashlight in a black compartment), deep “3D” ventilated padding, scabbard drainage and cleanout access.

Eberlestock nails it on the harness. Breathable and comfortable! The J34 has a suspension that is designed to move with your body, being a medium pack when downsized, makes it comfortable to wear as a daypack. The pack is supremely capable and comfortable under a heavy load. Try one and see why there’s a growing movement afoot in the hunting community that’s saying that the Just One is the best hunting pack ever built.

eberle          J34 Can carry more than most men!
Don’t be fooled by the thought that a “Day” pack can’t do it. Eric, my son, went out this morning on my daughter Stephanie’s Rut Elk hunt with about  1,500 cubic inches. Packed out the head, cape, and about 40lbs of meat plus his gear! This pack can expand to a little over 4600 cubic inches, then jump to about 7600 cubic inches when used with the Spike Camp Duffel for packing in.

Watch my daughter Stephanie’s Elk hunt! Men your wife’s need to see this…..

This pack is simple: made to fit right behind your torso for active hunting. It’s very compact and doesn’t protrude far from your body. So, it doesn’t get in your way. Then, when you have game down, open the pack up and start hauling meat. The tough, soft-finish (great for archery) camo packs have an exclusive ventilated mesh-fronted meat compartment, so your meat will be able to cool while you pack it.

The latest model of the Just One family shares the essential features of all of the others in the line. It’s extremely versatile. Starting at an ultra-compact 2300 cubic inches. It expands to 4600 with its built-in Cam Expansionâ„¢ system. Add a Super Spike Duffel’s 3500 cubic inches, and get 8100 cubic inch load hauler. The photo below shows the full sequence:



J34scabbard.png              Quickdraw BackscabbardWith their Quickdraw Backscabbardâ„¢, you can reach over your shoulder and quickdraw your firearm, arrows from a quiver, etc. As with all of their packs, the Just One is hydration system compatible.

The J34 weighs 7 lbs. 8 oz. It’s very comfortable as a daypack and as shown by the photos at the top of the page, is capable — and still comfortable — while hauling very heavy loads. The volume is variable from about 2300 cubic inches to a little over 4600 cubic inches then to about 7600 cubic inches when used with the Spike Camp Duffel.

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