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Old Bass Tracker

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I have for sale a 1983 Bass Tracker III $2500




-1997 40 hp Yamaha

-87lb thrust motor guide trolling motor

-spare tire

-removable pedestal seat

-front deck is extended to console

-front under deck storage compartment

-working live well


Needs some work:

-Carpet is deteriorating from bring kept in the sun for two years

-I think new wiring (or maybe just new battery connections) will take care of the navigation lights and bilge pump not working

-I think the fuel pump needs to be replaced. Sometimes the motor acts like its not getting enough fuel and I have to back off the throttle and then power forward again to regain full speed. Its done this since I bought it about 8 years ago but never bothered me enough to try and fix it.


I am hoping someone can get as much use and fun out of this old boat as I did.

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Well, I got a few more years use out of it. The carpet is almost completely worn away. On the bright side I just spent $300 on new batteries.


New price: $1500

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