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  1. brent

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Thanks for all the great info Dan! I really appreciate it. Please let us know how the stocking goes.
  2. brent

    Black Powder

    Try to get in touch with your local bp club at the shooting range. They likely make bulk orders for themselves. I have purchased mine through the club that meets at Rio Salado in Mesa.
  3. brent

    Air Rifle .22 Benjamin

    “Benjamin Titan NP” .22. Comes with 3-9 power scope and a can of pellets. $100 located by chandler mall
  4. brent

    Cormorant Hunting

    I wonder what has led to their population increase? I have noticed it over the years.
  5. Thank you for all the great info guys! I will share some photos if it all works out.
  6. I am headed to the big island the first week of september. We will be spending time on all parts of the island. Does anyone know if the fishing is good at that time? Im not picky what we go after. If you have any recommendations for a boat I would appreciate it!
  7. brent

    Colt Refinishing

    I had one done by Turnbull MFG in NY and it is a thing of beauty. https://www.turnbullrestoration.com/product-category/restoration-gallery/?orderby=date
  8. brent

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    You could try Clifford Pirch. If you look at his FB page, he just posted a succesful crappie trip.
  9. brent

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    I ran into Art in December; He is still fishing regularly. He remembered taking me fishing 20 years ago.
  10. brent

    Gate guy needed

    Try Sunset Gates
  11. brent

    ISO black gold sight

    I have a Black Gold Ascent Verdicet single pin I could part with for $100.
  12. brent


  13. brent

    Imr 4350

    6ish lbs of imr4350. Located in chandler. $300.
  14. brent

    Hoyt Spider 34 RH 70lb package

    Sorry Dave, never saw your reply. Still available.
  15. brent

    Canvas wall tent rental?

    Ross used to rent them, but does not anymore unfortunatly.