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  1. brent

    2 cows opening day!!

    Two cows in one day is a lot of work! Great job.
  2. brent

    Hoyt Spider 34 RH 70lb package

    Last call. Going to part it out on Ebay.
  3. brent

    Desert Tortoise

    Nice photos. Only plaice I have found them in AZ is along the road to Alamo Lake. Saw several in one day.
  4. I am the original owner of this bow. It has not been used in a few years, so I think its time to sell. The bow is 70lb, #3 cams with 3B and 3A mods included. Includes Black Gold single pin sight, Tight Spot removable quiver, Gold tip 340 arrows, B-Stinger stabilizer, Trophy taker rest, case, and two releases. Also comes with good luck: I killed a deer with it. $500. Located in Chandler.
  5. brent


    I have some IMR 4350 I could part with if that helps?
  6. brent

    I am hungry

    Elk chorizo potato soft tacos tonight with cilantro, queso fresco, and pico topings. Consumed before photos could be taken.
  7. brent

    Crazy observation about this site

    The irony here is that you took over one of the largest fishing forums in the country and ran it into the ground. Now you spend your time trolling on one of the last thriving outdoor related forums which is managed and created by a woman. Do you tell your Marine Daugher that she belongs in the kitchen?
  8. brent

    Crazy observation about this site

    I remember a few instinces here and on other similar websites where they try to participate and are esentially run off. I remember a thread a while back about women hunters and someone here chimed in that "Women belong in the Kitchen". Just like most things in life, I think there are a few who ruin it for the rest of us.
  9. brent

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    Lots of talk of selling the house: Im your guy if you live in the East Valley.
  10. brent

    East Valley window and stucco help needed

    Back to top. Any window guys out there?
  11. I have three windows that have the weep holes covered by stucco. I hired someone to cut the stucco lower and refinnish. After they destroyed my window I had them leave. Now I need a window replacement and stucco work. Anyone know someone reputable that can work in Chandler? Thank you,
  12. brent

    4Runner Tires/Wheels

  13. brent

    Any suggestions for RV gate install

    Cool thanks Chris!
  14. Does anyone one here install RV gates or have a good contact? I need a quote. Located in chandler. Thanks!